Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tiger Roar Roar, We Dat, and Fat Tuesday

The year of the TIGER
Thanks, Lisa, for the photo!
We celebrated the Chinese new year for the second year at our favorite Chinese restaurant...but this time....with our little rugrat.  And Uncle Frank (one of the owners) gave her more Chinese gifts, but she also got a red, heart-shaped balloon too for Valentine's from him.  

I did this as a page for my class with Marit.  So unbelievable and so exciting about the Saints.  I really do hate football and sports but I was screaming my head off during this game.  So now Emma points to the Fleur De Lis...we tell her what it is and that this one is representing the Saints...she puts her arms in the air and screams...hmmm...where did she get that from!
More fun pages from Marit's class.  I'm loving it!
I did this layout for Scrapping the Music a couple of weeks ago.  I couldn't help but think about all of the Chinese people that came up to us and asked us questions and looked at Emma and said "she is a lucky girl."  We replied, yes, "We are lucky."
She LOVES the parachute now.  She didn't at first.  She still won't go on top, but there are others too that won't.  I'd say this is one VERY happy little baby!!!
She loves to dance at the end of class and she loves to sit on balls now...but notice she WANTS to sit on the ball all by herself!!!

GOD knew what He was doing when He gave us Emma.  At Emma's 18 mos. checkup.  This is what the doctor said to us.  She said Emma is far more healthier and not behind in any way from  other babies she sees that have been adopted from China.  She could not believe how much she was engaged in our conversation and what she can do based on her situation.  We haven't stopped being thankful either for the great orphanage she DID come from.  Half the Sky foundation that works with orphanage where she came from and the workers at the orphanage were so wonderful to Emma.

We did have her evaluated with Early Steps.  If any help is needed for her, it would be the language.  But the worker who came out said she couldn't really say until she puts the results of the evaluation in the computer.  If Emma were 2, no doubt she would have a speech therapist, but at 19 mos, she's right there with other babies.

The Early Steps worker couldn't help but do one more little test with Emma just to see if she could do it, and she did!  She told me that's usually what a 2-year old can do!  We knew Emma was very smart!  I think she'll pass us up by the time she is in Second Grade!!! 
Mardi Gras - Fat Tuesday
We didn't make it to as many parades as we hoped.  Emma was coughing and the weather was pretty yucky.  But we did finally make it to the big parades on Mardi Gras.  She was a little scared...which I don't blame her...the loud truck horns, and all of the people.  This was our first time going to Mardi Gras on a much smaller scale, more of a hometown feeling.  Have to say it was the most enjoyable Mardi Gras I've ever been too...
She got the attention!  This guy waved her over to give her a little army action figure!
And this is the cute S.W.A.T. guy...LOL!
Lisa came with glad she came with us.  We had a lot of fun!!!

We bumped into one of Emma's buddies from Gymboree...
She was checking out his drink big time...
Later that night, she put on ALL the beads we caught...I think the girl loves Mardi Gras!!!

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  1. oh darling girl!

    love all of her expressions!

    you and Dennis are experiencing the world all over again, aren't you! how very exciting!!!

    : .)

  2. What a sweet post and sweet photo's! I love the last one, Emma with all those beads... gorgeous! And I'm so happy you like my workshop! I love what you make with my prompts!!!!


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