Sunday, March 21, 2010

Coming Down from all the Excitement!

That's the name of our little group (yes, Yo Gabba Gabba has influenced my entire life!).  Awesome girls that I met at the singles table last September at Scrapfest, and we exchanged info so we could meet up again and sit together. 
We had so much fun.  Although, I had no energy and felt like I could have slept the entire time.  So it was rougher for me this time around than last.  I think the first six months of us being home from China we were both on adrenaline, because now it has caught up with us both...

But...scrappin must go on, and scrappin we did!!!

Stacy had some serious distressing going on...
Tonia had some serious Mojo going on...she learned how to make these flowers, and when Tonia learns something, the girl gets giddy and can't stop.  We sat right by a booth that had tons of the Prima flowers. Well, I told Tonia she ought to sell her flowers for about the cost of Prima flowers...3 for $4.75!  I really think people would have bought them too!
Tonia had the most energy, where Stacy and I were just getting a little delirious.  I never really liked the word "crop."  It means getting together with others and scrapbooking.  So I took the word literally, and put a pair of scissors to my hair!  Stacy just pulled hers out!
Emma has picked up on the hmmmm thing.  So like when you go shopping or open the pantry door, etc., and stop, she puts her finger to her lips and goes yeah, I'm going hmmmm what product do I want to buy use for my next layout???
Stacy and all her her new du!!!
Ms. Tonia and the cutest smile eva!!!
I brought my entire little corner of stuff, plastic drawers, every pattern pattern I own, and both of my Clip It Ups!  I was in very good company!  We had to make some Starbucks runs to keep us going!
The Yo Scrappas Scrappas will be going to another event in April!!!  Yeah!  And, of course, I know I plan on going to Scrapfest again.  I know for sure Stacy does because she won the registration!!!!

Finished my class with Marit.  Doodling is kind of tough for me.  And again, there goes that Yo Gabba Gabba influence.  All I can say is at least I like the show, because if Emma starts to like the Backyardigans or the Wonder Pets like she does Yo Gabba Gabba, I WILL go insane!!!
I realized later when I took this picture...I found part of the quote that had fallen off!  Oh well!  It's supposed to say "It is better to be beautiful than good, but it is better to be good than to be ugly."  The picture of the nails all polished and the beautiful cake, just kind of made me think of the struggle women have of being beautiful, and the balance of working outside the home or inside the home, plus all of the cooking, baking, laundry, whatever...just made me think of a lot of different things...
And had to do this for my Daisy girl.  I still will wake up, and just have such a sad feeling of missing her so much.  Found this Dr. Suess quote that summed up my feelings..."Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."
Got all of my pages to make my book.  Marit did an awesome job of teaching.  I really enjoyed it so much!  Everyone's art was amazing and VERY inspiring!
Did get several layouts done at Scrapfest as well as a Christmas minibook for my Mother-in-law, and a little book for Emma of all of the things that she sees at eye level...she loves it!  Here's some of the layouts...
Emma loves to copy what we do...especially putting both of her elbows on the table and placing her fists under her chin or her hands on either side of her face...she's a mess...
I think we're two peas in a pod...
Emma is very attached to her Brobee, Hello Kitty, and Monkey.  They sleep with her, and sometimes even eat breakfast with her, and even a snack with her...Hello Kitty couldn't fit in the chair though :(
My son, Archie  ;)  Well, the son that I'll never have...he's getting even more clingy to me...
I'm finally beginning to feel better after getting sinuses or a cold or who knows what for the past two weeks.  Everyone else was fine, but me.  Dennis went out of town for a full week and I had rug rat all to myself.  It was really VERY good.  I realized how much SHE is attached to me.  We did lots of new things together and had a lot of fun, but with me being by myself I had to keep to a tight have fun with her...and not feeling good at all...

So the last day of us together, I decided to really have the best day ever...we went to a park where you can ride on carts and feed lots and lots of animals....
Emma was okay...until we got into one of the carts...I was afraid we might have to leave...
What a face?  
She gets scared very very easily.  And I think after Mardi Gras with all of the big trucks and horns...she is now afraid of cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, etc...she almost kind of panicked a little...
Once we got moving, and she saw me feeding animals...she started to have fun...
She loves counting to three and doing something...and she started to put up her fingers to we'd go 1...2...3  and then she'd throw some food out...she loved it!
There was a big Texas Long Horn that came up to the cart so I decided to bring her up to him/her.  The bigger animals like that and the cows will just open their mouths, with that long tongue, and want you to pour the food in their mouths...oh boy...not good.  It is a little freaky to have this huge mouth and tongue in your yep...she cried and cried and cried...had to settle her down by taking her to the other side with the little baby deers.

Was worried when we came up to the camel and the giraffes and even more so when they came right up to us!  She did fine...she absolutely loved it!!!
This camel has stolen Rick James' look!
One of the workers took our that wind was whipping our hair around...I ended up with the pink bow in my hair though!  ;)  Emma does not do well with shots like this...this was one of the better ones ;)  
She was so funny...she wanted to get down on the floor of the cart to pick up all of the animal food that had fallen (she only tried twice to eat it by the way) so she could throw one piece at a time on the count of 3 to them!!!

This was so amazing to see the giraffes come from a distance over the hill towards us.  They were definitely the highlight of the tour.
She didn't get scared anymore, not even with the Bison that came up...
She loved it!  We didn't have any of our cups snatched from one of them, so we got to bring them home.  She plays with them in the bathtub.  She points to it and looks at me, I tell her, yes, that's when Emma and Momma fed the deer, the antelope, bison, cows, zebra, lamas, giraffes, rheas, etc...and she gets a big ole smile.  
While Dennis was out of town, it was so cool...I bumped in to two other adoptive families, and met a lady who told me about other families locally trying to have a play date at the park.  So just three families met this weekend, but I have to say it was so very good to meet with other families like us.  You're just able to share and talk about things with these families that you cannot do with other birth families.  And how wonderful to see all of these girls VERY happy!  Emma, of course, was too busy having a snack to be in the picture ;)

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