Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Sneezing, sinuses draining, but still going strong!  HA!  Well, she is more than me ;)

I'm thinking this is allergies for her right now and not a cold...because of it lasting so long now...but the sneezing and the projectile snot doesn't stop her ;)

Right back to playing the with iPhone...added a few more fun Apps for her like "Five Little Monkeys," "Fish School," "ABC Train," and "ABC Animals."  Her most favorite still though is the Itsy Bitsy Spider."  She can collect all of the Easter Eggs!  I only showed her how to do that once...

And finally...Dada agreed to let Mama (that would be me) move all of her scrapping things into the not used and totally wasted dining room space.  I ordered these tables from Office Max.  Free Shipping!  Can't beat and awesome prices...Although it was a little shocking to see an 18-wheeler come up the street and blowing his horn!  

Okay...anyway...EVERYONE loves Mama's (that's me again) space!  Emma loves playing the games on the computer that her speech therapist told us about.  One that she is doing here with Dada is done in one of the local schools here.  It's and it's free...she loves it.  But her most favorite one is the Thomas and Friends website...she loves the videos on the homepage and LOVES the matching game.

It's nice being out in the open and so close to the kitchen...and the rolling organizers I also got through Office Max fit under the table...I set aside some drawers just for her like she has in the kitchen so it kind of just have to remind her where her drawers are ;)

Up Up Up...she loved the blocks so much that she was doing with the speech therapist, and I found these similar ones at Tuesday Morning...

Another site the speech therapist gave me is DLTK crafts for kids.  They have lots of things on there, but one thing that we did here goes along with the book Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See...I was amazed we got to the Blue Horse! 

 But she loved all giddy...

And if you're like me...I did not know there is washable picked some up at Michael's for the little artist...

The little artist also likes to run run run!  She loves to push her baby's stroller and for Dada to push her toy car and go round and round and round and round...then she stops and says "Momma"  So then we all follow Emma round and round and round and round!

Since day one it seems...she has loved to walk on her toes...and she likes to dance on her toes as well...I just love those little feet!!!

And seriously...she gets more beautiful everyday...

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  1. She is absolutely beautiful!!! It was great seeing you all on Saturday and thanks so much for sending me those websites, love them!
    Merrin is having allergy issues now also and not stopping her either. Can you believe she only took a 20 minute nap after the park on Saturday, it was definitely a caffeine filled day for this Mama!



  2. Oh... what a lovely pictures of her little toes... and all the other ones too!!! This is such a happy post!

  3. thanks for visiting my have a little artist at home, guess she'll soon find your scrapbooking material ...


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