Monday, May 03, 2010

Work It Baby!

I've been scrapping and looking back over a lot of the first pictures of too...and we could see it then how she just wasn't too crazy about the camera.  And it's even more noticeable and funny now because not only does she smile for the camera, but she has gotten in front of other people's cameras and said 'cheese'!!!  What a transformation in 8-9 months.

Not only does she look simply 'smashing' as she wears her mashed potatoes on her, but look at that little face?!  I've got her a camera tucked away for her birthday...because she is taking after me and loves to take if I can just hold out and not give it to her yet!

She is loving to wear her ponytail now on top of her head...and even her bow in her hair!  But first and foremost...she loves shoes!!!

And gotta sneak in my beautiful boy!  How relaxing a cat can be...he's so sweet...

And this was from earlier in the month of April that we went to the Asian Fest at the zoo...gorgeous day to go! 

Thankfully we brought another outfit...because on the ride over we had a little leakage...

Got a chance to checkout the monkeys this time around...oh man...she loved them...a little scared, but still loved them...I think everyone around us were entertained by us making the monkey noises...hmmm...

And when we sat for a little bit of the music for the fest...she'd get up and dance and twirl around...she got to see the violins too...which right now is her favorite instrument on her ABC wooden puzzle.  

And the best part is she got to see her friend again from the Chenzhou Orphanage.  It's just amazing how we live so close coming from halfway across the world.

And last weekend I went to cajun country for a scrapping event called Faith 365.

Amy put the event together and really did so much for everyone in making it so nice.  She had an embellishment bar, candy bar, tool bar, and drinks and snacks, plus we had about four of our meals provided...and tons and tons of prizes...nice prizes too!  I met Amy through Scrap in Style and was so glad to meet her in person. 

And, of course, the Yo Scrappa Scrappas got together again...we were next to an antique store, so we had a little good to see them again.

Tomorrow will be a week, and she is doing sister had major surgery last Tuesday, and came home on Thursday...  She's an example of how everyone does different with surgery, because she is really doing great...I had similar surgery...and it wiped me out...

So Emma is helping me take care of Aunt Lisa ;)  Although today she walked Aunt Lisa around in a circle with the broom...ouch!

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  1. Hi Patricia!! Always a joy to look at your photos!!! Congratulations on the Scrapping the Music DT girl!!


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