Thursday, July 29, 2010

We are all Feeling Better!

Well, the ER doctor said Emma didn't have a virus, but then we ended up getting sick!  So don't know about that diagnosis.  But we are both finally starting to feel better and get our energy back.  Man, how rest would have been nice to have, but no rest with a 2 year old!

Late getting this layout from Scrapping the Music's challenge from last week up.  But better late than never!  Always fun to scrap using songs as a jumping point!

And this is the current week's challenge on Scrapping the Music!  REMs Shiny People.  So many things you can do with this one.  I thought of Emma's face all lit up because she was painting!  And it was a very very gloomy, thunderstorming kind of day outside.  Come play along with us.  Marit has very generously donated a spot in her Let It Loose class.  I was lucky enough to win this back in February and it was awesome!  I loved how each lesson was broken down and how you grew with each one.  So go check out the challenge to enter to win!

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  1. hi Patricia and family, yes we're adopting in China, our lid is 26 mars 2007... we've must wait.
    thanks so much for your words about the little animation with the elephant, it was a present what Ernesto made for me.
    I found your blog, when your photos of referal arrived, in the page "rumor queen", and since then i've fallen in love with all of you..., and Emma is in a little part of my heart forever.
    well, i'm happy she feel better now, and i like you last scrap about shiny people, you all three and your lovely cats are "shiny people"
    kiss from this corner of the world .


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