Sunday, September 26, 2010

Remembering this Summer; and Excited About Halloween

Emma is two and so far, this is my favorite age.  She can communicate and is starting to say and do the craziest telling me "no sing" when I'm singing to her!  Oh Well!  But she loves to hear her Aunt Lisa sing ;)

With Summer officially over now, I got the idea of creating an album not about an event, like I normally do, but of a season came to me after seeing it in a magazine.  Wanting to use things from my own stash without buying anything, I pulled out this beautiful tree album that my wonderful friend, Linda, gave forever ago it seems now!  I had used a little bit of it, but so glad I still had a lot left.    So here are little snippets to remember Summer 2010 with little chickadee...
Lots of ice cream, of course ;)
Lots and lots of playtime at the park, and especially remembering the ones with her good friend, Merrin...
Remembering our quick little trips to the beach...
Remembering when she turned 2 and the celebration we had; her finally wanting to ride in the red wagon...
Celebrating our one year anniversary of becoming a family; and all of the times we've spent outside writing chalk on the concrete, dancing to the radio, riding bikes, blowing bubbles...
...and just hanging out by the pool
Ok...Halloween was never one of my favorite holidays...but like a lot of things since little chickadee has come along...I now am so excited about it.  So excited that we've started with just little things for this year to start decorating.  I bought small styrofoam wreaths and ribbon at Michael's (to wrap around the styrofoam), and then used mostly Hambly and one sheet of October Afternoon paper to make the spiderwebs and the fluffy flowers using the Silhouette.  I twisted wire to the back, around the black tulle; and used Webster's cameos in the center.  I happened to see the children's wooden hangers I had gotten awhile ago, and thought, that'd be different to hang from that and add a little uniqueness.  So painted them black and added some trim.  They are small, but they are oh so cool!!!

And using the Silhoutte again, everything was cut out from it to make this banner.

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  1. What a nice summer album, I loved it.
    Warm hugs,
    and tickle, tickle... Enma
    from northwest of Spain.


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