Thursday, January 21, 2010

Did We Exist Before Digital?

I just finished scanning photos of Daisy and Archie so that I'd have them electronically and can pack them with me a heck of a lot easier than photo albums when evacuating.  Now I may have to scan some other photos.  So many photos and lost memories.  All of the photos I have on discs are from the digital camera, it's like we didn't exist before then.  How freaky is that?  When Daisy died, I had a panic attack and kind of still am over all of these photos and even the digital ones.  Have an external drive, but with huge photos, it just freaks me out that I can't find them right away and they're not printed.

What do other people?  Do you scan your old photos and put them on discs?  I do use DVDs and not CDs because I could barely get anything on a CD.  Do you have more than an external drive and discs?  I'm thinking about looking into Carbonite, but haven't looked at it yet.  Any suggestions?

Anyway...trying to get a grasp of these memories...

We have Daisy cremated and Dennis picked up her ashes last week.  I knew it would be hard.  My family pet, Pierre, is still with us and they put his ashes in a very simple, plain urn.  So that is what I requested for Daisy.  But I was kind of shocked and disappointed to see her in a tin!!!!!!!  It had paw prints, but come on...Daisy in a tin that you'd put cat treats or cookies in???!!!  So we respectfully put her in something a lot more appropriate and perfect for Daisy...

And while scanning the old photos, here's some that made me smile...

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


24/7 just keeps on going...

Emma started with a runny nose and a cough again, and then sure enough, Dennis with a sore throat, then me feeling like I did the last time when I first got sick.  Feeling like crap.

Yo Gabba Gabba is not coming here.  Maybe the next tour will bring them closer to us.

Things that Emma can do now:

  1. Blow through a recorder!  The first time she heard the noise, she knew she did something way cool!
  2. Slide down the slides at Gymboree by herself!
  3. Use the water dispenser to fix herself a glass of water and then drink through the cup...sometimes most of it makes her mouth ;)
  4. Trying her best to talk!  Continuously points to us to say who we are and then to other things, you can tell she's focused.
  5. Understands us even when we are not talking to her.  Ex. "I need to get towels for your bath."  She beat me to the pile of towels!  We are having to spell in front of her now.
  6. Do EVERYTHING we do.
  7. Make more animal noises.
  8. Run.
  9. Starting to pick out her own clothes.
  10. Point to her head, eyes, ears, noise, mouth, tongue, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, belly button, legs, feet, toes.
  11. And one more...take pictures.  I hold the camera, but she'll push the button down.  She took the picture of the gate and the TV below.
Emma loves her knew leg warmers, Yo Gabba Gabba, her Ride On, Gymboree, Stickers (EVERWHERE!!), and Archie...and still points to Daisy's pictures and makes cat sound like Daisy.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scrap Stuff

One week today since Daisy has been gone.  Not crying as much when I go to feed Archie or go to buy cat food.  The change of not having Daisy here is starting to become real.  And have to say that not just the pictures, but looking at all of the mini albums and layouts I've done about Daisy have been the biggest comfort.  So did this in my kind of forgotten art journal...a picture of Daisy before she lost any of her weight.

Made these little Christmas favors for the family to take home with them Christmas day.  Had them at each plate setting.  Took Epson Salt and Peppermint Oil, mixed really well, and filled these up.  Used scrapbooking supplies to fix them up a bit.  Made the tag using the Making Memories tag maker with the Slice.

Got my ATC (artist trading cards) in the week of Christmas.  I always say it every time, but I love getting cards made by others, these are great!  We were to do where we live and put some trivia somewhere on the card.

We had a lot of flakers, so have these of mine left over.  If anyone wants one, leave me a comment with your email.  I won't publish your comment so your email will be kept private.  I'll email you back and get your address.

This year's Christmas cards.  Kept them simple.  Used the Slice Mistletoe card and some Stickles.  My hand wasn't too steady on the Stickles on this one.  But another reminder of how important our fur babies are to us.  So glad I included all of us.

Doing another calendar this year.  Spray painted it a taupe color and then decorated...

My January Layout.  The Keep Trying, Keep Trying, Don't Give Up, Never Give Up is from Momma watching too much Yo Gabba Gabba with Emma.  Hybrid scrapbooking...used Photoshop Elements to print out all of the wording...

I went over to the Scrapping the Music blog site to see what the latest challenge was and had something perfect.  Hey Let's Dance...and journaled about Emma getting her groove on...

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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Please go here and vote for:

D.  "First Christmas"

Emma's photo has been selected as one of the four finalists, so now it's up to you to vote for her photo.  Me, her Momma, will win a free 3-day crop at Scrapfest and get to scrap all about Emma and her first Christmas.  You know how much I love to scrap, and I really have a lot to scrap with the loss of our fur baby, Daisy, Emma, and Archie, our other fur baby.  Life's passing by and I need to scrap it!

So please go vote now!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Saying Goodbye to My Beautiful Daisy

I did this layout on June 11, 2008.  It's now hanging back up and brings us many tears and comfort today.

Spring of 2006 Daisy started with bad skin allergies.  After a year of her having sores covering her from head to toe and going to specialists, she took a turn for the worst and was then diagnosed with the onset of kidney disease July 2007, but she responded to the fluids and thankfully hitting it very close to the 48 hours of no eating, began eating.  Her bloodwork after was okay.  She could still live a healthy life with 70% of her kidneys gone.

She is not an easy cat to treat.  But after specialists, medications, and allergy shots, the sulphur baths finally cleared up her itching and biting.  She lost a ton of weight from the kidney disease even though she had a very big appetite, which was great, but her body could not absorb any of what she was eating.  As long as she was eating, drinking, pooping, and peeing, we promised each other we would not put her to sleep.  Daisy had calico in her and was very prideful and stubborn.

She went through so many phases.  She had a hard time finding the litter box sometimes.  She was not herself anymore.  She started peeing outside of the litter box and getting more Urinary tract infections.  We reminded ourselves of our promise, so we closed her off in the dinning room.  She started to lie in her litter box, but we kept up the fluids, lots of attention, and patience.  We decided to do the fluids at the house to not cause her any more stress than she had to endure.

Then she wanted to go outside in the screened area, and would not come back in.  We made her a place to sleep and keep warm when it got pretty cold out there.

October 2008, after going out of town and having a pet sitter, she all of a sudden wanted inside.  She would go everywhere in the house except our bedroom which didn't make any sense, because she used to love to sleep with us.  She was doing okay now in the house and knew where her litter box was and could make it there every time.

She started to get really bad diarrhea, really bad.  She would sometimes miss the litter box or she couldn't make it there in time.  We used benefiber in her food, but she caught on.  We kept to our promise and did all we could for her to make her comfortable.

Before and after the time we adopted our daughter in July, Daisy was looking skinnier and weaker, but she still had so much life in her.  And while we were gone, she went into another phase, she went into our bedroom and into my closet to sleep.  When we got back, she would sleep with us again.

These last 5 months being home with a new baby and just the two of us made it difficult to spend time with our cats, but even worse with a sick geriatric cat.   Emma and Daisy were both 24/7.  We gave Daisy attention as much as we could, but it was never enough, not for her situation.  She was always a very vocal cat and could wake us up from a deep sleep and was doing the same with Emma...which was making it stressful with just the two of us trying to catch our breath.

I would try to sit on the couch at night after Emma went to bed and spend some time with Daisy on my lap.  On New Year's Eve, she was on my lap, and what was typical of something strange she would do since the kidney disease, is while asleep, her head would just all of a sudden drop and go limp.  She did that again but was different, she kept falling and wasn't alert and then fell on the floor.  It wasn't a long fall and she didn't hit hard, but she was very groggy coming too and it seemed like her back legs and hip were numb.

The doctor said the fall may not have been what caused Daisy to take another turn for the worst, because she was already so fragile.  She weighed her this morning and she was only 6 pounds.  A couple of days ago, she started to limp more and then started dragging her back legs, more the right side.  Then yesterday, I noticed she would go use the litter box but no pee would come out.  The vet had to empty Daisy's very full bladder.  She said she could have a fractured hip, but with not being able to pee indicates it could be nerve damage.

The vet had always said since the time Daisy had the bad sores from the skin allergy, that if we did decide then to put her to sleep, it was not a wrong decision.  She knew we did a lot, much more than most pet owners would do for Daisy.  But this time she told Dennis that she would be there all day today or we could wait 24 hours to see if she can pee on her own.  I knew from seeing how she could barely get around, could no longer jump at all, and now not able to completely empty her bladder, that we needed to now make the decision pet owners never want to have to make.  Dennis had to go on to work and I stayed with Daisy, helping her up on the bathroom countertop to drink water from the faucet from time to time.  She had such a hard time keeping her right leg under her hip while she was drinking from my hand.  She tried several times to pee, a little did come out.  When Emma took a nap, I laid a comforter on the floor and laid down next to Daisy, she purred the whole time, and would lift her head up when I'd get up.  I spent as much time with Daisy as I could until Dennis got home and time for us to take her to the vet.

I have cried so much today.  I miss my girl so much.  I feel so empty without her here.  Everywhere I look, I see her.  She added so much to our lives for 15 years, loving us unconditionally, making us laugh, seeing her run to us when we'd get home, her little noises she would make, having her snuggle up with you, giving us her little love bites.  

These are the words on the layout above that I had journaled back then...I'm so glad I wrote this down to comfort me now...

"I feel happy and sad when I look at Daisy in this picture.  With her being sick and us coming close to putting her to sleep, it's moments like these that make it impossible to go through with it.  How can you not love her.  It just makes me cry with so many emotions of what she has been through and what we have done for her.  I realize the day will come very soon when she will no longer be with us.  But I know she will be at peace, and that we loved her enough to let her go."

We brought Daisy in for 5:30.  We stayed with her until the very end.

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Monday, January 04, 2010

I'm feeling better, not back to normal yet.  Started second round of z-pack.  But definitely better enough for me and Emma to have some fun.  She hated the camera at first.  But now that she sees what it does and can see the pictures for herself, she really likes it and will start smiling more.  She loved me taking pictures with the iPhone...once she knew what I was doing, she worked it!

And I love this one with Dennis..

We celebrated the new year and my sister's birthday at the house.  Ordered some BBQ.  She didn't like that too much...didn't think she would.   Made her one of the dishes I make that she likes a lot...Stuffed Cabbage Stoup, recipe by Rachael Ray.   But we did decide to go get some dessert at Chili's.  She loves it!  Loves feeding us now too!

Went to the store and decided to try the watermelons they had out again.  I was surprised how good it was.  Reminded me of the fresh watermelon we had at the Chinese families' farm.  It was July in Christmas!  And one very happy rug rat!

We went to Barnes and Nobles over the weekend.  She loves to go there.  I think other than Gymboree, it is one of her favorites.  This time, she more than ever looked comfortable and playing more with the train set and wanting you to sit on the bench and read a book to her...which lasts about one second.  We got back and had some lunch and I had a biscotti with my coffee.  She wanted some, has almonds in it and a very strong almond flavor...she LOVED it.  Had no problems eating it at all!
Emma has gone into a learning and discovering phase that leaves you thinking your child is the smartest EVA!  With going to Gymboree, you start learning real fast how to make up your own songs to teach them to do something since they like them so I had started this little song because she wanted to take her disposable diaper bag to the trash herself.  She would get excited and start to smile when she can do it herself and you start singing "We're taking it to the trash, we're taking it to the trash, we're taking it to the trash, to the trash, to the trash."  She was playing on the kitchen floor, then all of a sudden she gets up, walks past me into the laundry room, and throws something away on her own!  I couldn't believe.  Needless to say...she was very proud of herself...

And one last cute photo...Where's Kai-Lan, Emma?

This new blogger...I'm not liking.  I have no control over the photos...yuck.  Will have to work on that...

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