Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Does Emma Like to Eat?

In the sweetest little voice, she will say "chocolate peanut butter"
It's healthy at least ;)  Check it out if you've never heard of it, they have the best peanut butter.  I won't buy any other kind, not even freshly ground.

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Tin Roof Rusted!

The B-52's are up for this week's challenge at Scrapping the Music.  I had so much fun doing this one, because you just can't help but sing the song in your head.  I love this design.  I've used it before.  It's basically making four squares on the page, and then filling each one independently of each other, then bringing them together with something in the center.  So you can have so much fun with it.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

What I Love About Sundays-Scrapping the Music

Craig Morgan's What I Love About Sundays is this week's challenge at Scrapping the Music.  This song puts me in memory overload.  I grew up in Southern Baptist churches, baptized at age 10, and then at 19 I rededicated my life to the Lord and went to church on my own, met Dennis, and still have a strong faith. But thankfully Mom and Dad did not see anything wrong with dancing, card playing, drinking, etc.  So even though I grew up Southern Baptist, we were not committed to a religion, but trusting in God.  Probably why now, as an adult I prefer non-denominational churches, and contrary to traditional Southern Baptist churches, I love to rock out at church!

Hoping Emma has these kinds of memories of going to church, and developing friendships, self-esteem, strong faith, and a love for God and for People.  But until then, here is Emma going for a Sunday Drive (pretending) at 16 mos. in the parking lot of Starbucks!

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Keeping up with a Two-Year Old

Wow!  24/7 just got even harder keeping up with this little girl.  She is so good though, she's just very active!
We had a stressful weekend though.  We tried church again and after worship, took  her to the preschool area where you leave them.  She ended up in the corner having a panic attack, screaming no no no no!  I could see her because of the one way window.  The worker said because of her anxiety, I could stay 10 mins with her...I wish they had told us that before.  So I went in with her to do one of her favorite things, paint.  But she wanted nothing to do with it and said Bye Bye.  So hopefully she doesn't have a bad experience and we can keep trying it.  But what we'll do is I'll stay with her 10 mins to play in the room and WE all leave.  She is very social, but she really needs to feel comfortable in a new place with new people before just leaving her.
Then Wednesday night when she went to bed, all was fine, until an hour later, I had to check on her.  As soon as I walked in she said OUT.  And then she said WALKING.  So I held her and walked a little, but every time I'd put her back in the crib, she would panic and cling to me.  It's rare that she screams at the top of her lungs, cry a LOT, yes, but not screaming.  After trying several things, we finally had to peel her off of us and leave her...and to wait 10 mins or so to see how she was.  Within 5 mins she went out.  
But the next day at nap, she did the same panic thing, but was so tired was out within mins.  She started to do it again Thursday night, then she pointed to the heart that I made her on the wall and said on.  We turned it on, and she calmed down.
So now we know...she wants that heart on...we also took down the sheets that we had on top of the curtains to make her room as dark as possible, no problems with nap whatsoever today.  And tonight she went down like normal.  So I guess she is now at the age where she doesn't want to sleep in pitch black anymore.  Sure was stressful though...
She is a sweetie...
Aunt Lisa came over one day with new polishes and painted her nails. Oh my...she loved it!  So I went out and bought some fun colors and we now do our nails...  
Aunt Lisa and Emma picked blue and I picked, though, our nails are yellow!
Here are pictures from the day of our one year anniversary together as a family.  We went to the aquarium and then walked through the Riverwalk.  For Holly and Lisa that know me, no I could not make it through the aquarium...I waited in front.

And little chickadee will finally ride in her wagon.  She was kind of a little scared of it, but liked it, I guess she just had to get comfortable with'd never know...
Took her just for the day to the beach again.  I think she liked the escalator in Hard Rock Cafe most of all...she would say UP!
Next year we'll definitely go stay at the beach instead of the quick drive, but since we are going on another trip in the was good to just be able to go and come back...
Got a little scrap therapy and whipped out a lot of layouts and made things for the house.  My boy Archie, 15, cannot believe...
Dada being a big kid at Gymboree...
This is my favorite...I put the title as "Made in China...destined to be All American"
I am having so much fun with mists right now and loving the Maya Roads mists.  So had fun with those and scrapped her birthday pictures and goodies...
And some art journal pages...this is for A Year in the Life of an Art Journal...the word Dream is found these images in a magazine and put the title Dream Big...
And this...well...I did this right after the in-laws left.  So there was a mixture of emotions going on.  I've also found out I'm in menopause.  Yes, menopause!  I'm only 43!  So I googled pictures of women in menopause and this was one of them...let's just say, at the time it fit perfectly.  I think I may have to hang this up.  Definitely something I say quite a lot...Seriously Over It!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

I've Got the Remedy

This week's song challenge at Scrapping the Music is up!  I was inspired by the song to scrap about turning the dining room a/k/a wasted space into my scrap area.  With a two-year old, it's helped me sneak time here and there for some scrap therapy.  Come play along with us!  Would love to see how you are inspired by the song!

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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Let Go!

The latest song is up on Scrapping the Music!  Let Go by Frou Frou.  I need to see the movie that goes along with this...The Garden State.  Movies, shows, sitting down with my cat(s)...I've missed it.  I NEED DOWNTIME, and well, there's very very little of that anymore...I looked at this picture on my iPhone and just sighed...I would be whipped by the time Emma would go to bed.  The only free time you'd get and you really need to get to bed, but I would just have to sit in a stare, put a show on, pet Archie or Daisy (when she was still with us).

So this is my Letting Go after a day with a 1 and a half year old...  (and 2 is worse!)

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