Friday, October 29, 2010

Lovely Fall Day

Emma loves to be outside and I don't mind it either now that it's gotten cooler...
It wasn't long before she started to say she wanted to go for a bike ride...
 ...please, Momma, she I couldn't resist...I wish I could bottle this weather up...
 Archie has been enjoying it as well and getting a little warmth on my scrapping table...which has been neglected lately :(
These are some iPhone pictures of Emma's pre-ballet class.  They were able to wear their costumes and bring a treat for everyone...
 That's my girl!  The only Thomas among all of the frills and pink!  I LOVE that about her!!!
 ...she knows what she likes and sets her own style!
She enjoyed more of her treats on the way home...

* happy halloween *

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Haircut and Story Time at Barnes and Nobles

Finally got Emma another hair trim.  We didn't think she was going to get her haircut, but after seeing me get mine cut and getting comfortable with the place, she did just fine!  Her hair is so gorgeous!
We headed to one of our favorite spots...Barnes and Nobles.  Everyone was invited to dress up in their costumes, have a little treat from the cafe, and hear a story about Splat the Cat.  Emma loves story times at Barnes, we all love Splat the Cat, and she loves the storyteller, so we had a great time...
And the latest challenge is up at Scrapping the Music.  Bon Jovi's Keep the Faith inspired me to scrap Emma's first visit to the beach.  The oil spill was still occurring so the title says "Keeping the Faith for a Bright Future."  

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Skeletons, Thomas, Outside, Shopping, and More

Man, this stage Emma is in keeps us more on our toes.  She likes to pick out her clothes, socks, shoes, hair accessories; and be careful not to do everything for her anymore, "Emma do it" she says!  I love this stage so far, it's my favorite.  Her little personality coming through more and more, and the things she says.  She's talking up a storm, saying phrases and paragraphs and every now and then Momma and Dadda have to say "What?" or smile and just say, "yes, that's right."  Most things though, we can understand.  She's a very meticulous little girl.  If a piece of a puzzle or a toy is not straight, she has to fix it.  Dadda's personality more than mine ;)  She's really picking up our traits.  And she is loving this Fall weather.  She is constantly wanting outside...
And just in the past couple of weeks, she has really started to climb on our bar chairs (so now see sits either on us or the chair to eat, no more booster), climb the latter of the slide, and swinging like a monkey on the bars...all because of gymnastics.  She's so excited about her new ability and becoming more confident now about doing more physical things like that.  Although she still freezes when someone else gets on the slide with her at the park.  She needs her "space" so she can practice ;)
I took her recently to the Children's Museum and then all three of us went again.  Her most favorite was the grocery store...she had to have some crab...she's got good taste...
...and she loved ringing up her groceries...
Besides the grocery shopping and checking out...she was fascinated by the skeleton.  Although, I think at first she was both a little bit freaked out by it and liking it.  So I decided to keep talking about how your bones help you move...she loves the skeleton so much we bought her a foam skeleton puzzle.  It has the names of the bones on the back, and she LOVES him and loves learning her bones...
The weather has been so nice, we went to the zoo...

For a lack of the proper name...and since she loves this statute, I just call her the yoga lady ;)  We had to stop and see the "yoga lady" every time we passed her ;)  and notice her ensemble (she partially dressed herself)
We have been busy shopping for Christmas for little chickadee, but we also decided to go ahead and give her some really cool things to play with, realizing most of her toys she has outgrown.  Since she is so into the pretending and totally head over heels in love with Thomas the Tank Engine, we got her a real Thomas train and train tracks...we also got the table that came in today...she was so excited!  It was all very pricey, but have to say, it is well worth it in quality and she loves it!
And Scrapping the Music's newest challenge song "Bubbly"  by Colbie Caillat is up this week...such a fun song and love the feeling of it, so I took the lyrics of the song and made them my own:

You're the silly 
in my tilly
and the bubbly in
the cuddly
you're the nose in my
oh heavens no
but the one thing
I do know
you make me smile
wherever I go
take your time and
stay a child
for awhile

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Scrapping the Music - This is Home

Late getting this up.  Have been so busy running around with Emma, have had little time for anything else.  The latest song is up at Scrapping the Music and it inspired me to scrap about my sister-in-law making her new home hundreds of miles away...

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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Videos and Scrapping the Music Challenge Up

Lots and lots of video.  It is so hard to capture what this silly little girl is up to right now.  She is blowing us away!  She is LOVE with letters, and that IS an understatement! We are so proud of her!!! I'm so glad she loves to learn!  So here are some videos of how well she is doing at only 26 mos old!  She knows all of her letters, big and small.   Listen as best you can over the squeaky shoes ;)  At the end she wants to do it again and starts pointing to the big and small letters...then spells out her name...
These next two of her getting even more into books.  She's helping me out with the 5 Little Monkeys on the Bed in the first one, and then the second video she's telling us the story of Go Train Go (the girl is madly in love with Thomas the train if you can't tell by the pajamas)

And if that wasn't enough, here is video of her at her new gymnastics class and her pre-ballet class.  This one is about 7 and a half minutes long, but, of course, not long to us!
Another challenge is up on Scrapping the Music!  What a beautiful song about what makes you complete.  It inspired me to make a layout about two things that make being Emma's Mom Complete:  When she says "Momma" and when she falls asleep in my arms.

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