Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble Gobble

We had a really good Thanksgiving.  Thank you, Aunt Lisa for letting us all come to your house!

"Gonna Live My Life"  I took these words from Scrapping the Music's song this week from INXS "Need You Tonight" and put together some photos from over the past year with Emma...

It's hard being 2, isn't it?  Or is it harder being 40 something with a 2 year old?  Hmmm...  With the tough adjustment from our long weekend trip to Florida, that second night home, we converted her bed to a toddler bed.  I've been dreading it, but thought since we're in the midst of chaos, might as well get this transition done...  So we're in the midst of it for sure.  We have an air matress in there and I'll either lay in their with her for nap (as she walks around the room talking the whole time) or lie down on the couch...either way hoping to get her to see that everyone needs to rest.  Not working so far, but we must persevere!  Ha!  The majority of the time, Dada will stay in with her.  Last night we had our first glimmer of hope...she actually went to her bed and fell asleep...partially hanging off, but it's progress.  And it only took an hour as opposed to three!!!  Yippeee!

She's got her very own Christmas tree and all but the lights, she decorated it herself!  Hoping to have all the decorations out and up by tomorrow!!!  Yay!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Thomas and Friends Go to the Beach

I kept telling Emma we were going to get on a big plane and have to get up really really early very soon...and she was a trooper.  3:30 a.m. (yes, THAT early) I got her up...told her it's time to go bye bye and get on the big plane, bring ghost and grinch...she snatched them up and said "I'm Ready"  We had told her she could keep her Thomas PJs on...she did sleep or nod off, but very little getting to our destination...
2010 Florida Trip

We didn't have a direct flight unfortunately...but again she did great, and we finally got there...had just a little bit of time to enjoy the beach before meeting the rest of the gang for dinner...
2010 Florida Trip

2010 Florida Trip

2010 Florida Trip
We will have to do this more's perfect being able to stay on the beach and then go back to your hotel room.  We knew she loved just the quick day visits, but this was much more enjoyable...
The next morning, we ALL met at the beach.  It was a small reunion of the families we traveled with to China from our agency group.  Emma and Thea here in the picture were "crib buddies" for the year they were together in the orphanage...  I think Emma would have had more fun with Thea and the other little girl, but they were both too touchy for her (not a bad thing).  Emma just needs "time" to get to know you before you get in her personal space...and...she got sick...right away although we went to the beach it wasn't much of a vacation...
2010 Florida Trip

But Thomas and all of her friends came with us to the beach and we tried to make the best of a very tiring trip...
2010 Florida Trip

For the past three weeks, Emma has refused naps.  It had been pretty bad seeing her delirious, falling asleep during bike rides, fighting sleep as as hard as she can, being extremely moody...but then with the daylight savings time change, then the time difference in traveling, and her being sick...I felt like we were back in China getting her for the first time with about 10 steps backwards.  She was so spaced out...
2010 Florida Trip

She did enjoy the beach and loved being silly...even more sillier than normal...
2010 Florida Trip

Got in the pool a little...and when I picked her up in a towel, her head fell back almost like she had passed out...she was falling asleep...running on fumes...
2010 Florida Trip

2010 Florida Trip

Here are all three of the girls together...Emma got around them because of the bear ;)
2010 Florida Trip

And here is a group shot...missing four other families though...
2010 Florida Trip

We were about to have to call it a night after dinner, but once she found out we were about to see a pirate, she couldn't resist.  She was captivated by the entire show and wanted to get a picture with the pirate...
2010 Florida Trip

And scrapping the music's song this week by Jack Johnson "Upside Down" from the Curious George movie is way too fun!  It inspired me to scrap about how Emma loves books and going to Barnes and Nobles (that is until she stopped sleeping and just walks around in a daze now).
Well, thanks to Aunt Lisa, Dennis and I were able to away from Emma for the very first time for about four and a half hours...whohoo (yes!  the first time in a year and a half!)  Today is the opening of Harry Potter.  Although, I think with the latest trend in our days with Emma, I could have just sat for hours on end in peace and quiet being perfectly love for Harry Potter was stronger.  Thank you, Aunt Lisa, for giving this worn out couple a chance to get away for a few hours!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Princess Emma

People come to the house and say "Wow, look at the toys!"  At first it looks like she does have a lot (and she does), but when we started to look, we realized it was a lot of junk here and there made up of some of my old scrapbooking things, stuffed animals, and just plain old junk.  It was nothing that was really fun and educational for her.  

So we're holding a lot for Christmas, but here are some things we decided to give her...also in hopes of her playing by her self just a little!

Cha-Ching!  The best part of this cash register is that it really reads bar codes!  When we got it in, she got frustrated with it and I thought, well, it'll have to be returned.  Just a few hours later she got better at holding the scan gun AND pushing the button at the same time and getting the bar code to scan (beep).  By the afternoon, she had mastered it!  
And since she loves Thomas and Friends so much, we thought this would really be the way to get her to play on her own!  The Thomas train tracks and table!  Nope...we have to play with her, but she won't let us be Thomas or any other train she had.  So with her permission, she now lets Dada be Hiro...
...and I can be Rosie.  I didn't realize it until after I took the picture, that Rosie has freckles...I guess she really is me!
Since it's been nice outside, I took some of the canvases I have (can't beat Michael's for their 40%), ALL my acrylic paints, brushes, garbage bags, paper towels and let her paint.  I really thought she'd go crazy...but she doesn't like a mess!  Unless it's in the house, I guess ;)  She saw what I was doing on my canvas and so I smeared the background paint, and then she started this is the end result!  I wrapped and glued ribbon around the outside edges and it's hanging in our hallway...
Here's mine.  I used a rubbermaid container to make the circles with paint and used watered down paint to splatter the brush over, she did NOT like me doing that!  I was too messy for her!
Leftover pics she got a hold of, so since she loves to make stuff "like Momma does" we made a scrapbook page...she wanted to hang it though!
And found this little bead kit at Hobby Lobby (all the Christmas stuff is 40% off, gotta love that!)  She could kind of do it...but getting the bead over the fat pipe cleaner is a little she had a blast giving me 2 reds, 2 whites, scattering them all around, 2 reds, 2 whites, grab bunch and crunch.  I tied ribbon so we could hang them until time for the tree to go up...she got giddy hanging these up!  
To help her with the transition that Halloween is over...we got a Turkey flag (she picked it out) for outside with a scarecrow, and then told her we'd make a turkey.  So used the Silhouette to cut all these pieces out, had her use her watercolor paints, then used Elmer's glue to put him together.  She loves saying "Gobble Gobble."
I think out of our numbness of "playing" all day long...Dada started these numbers on the wall for her (she did help a little ;)
I love this time of year, the yard looks so nice and colorful and we spend more time outside, and overall just feel great!  I just need more energy to keep up with her!
So I'm trying to get the rest I need, very difficult.  Picked up this Chronicles of Narnia book my sister had given me so that's helping me relax a little.  Also found out about this book called Eat What You Love Love What You Eat.  I've been there, done that with "trying" to control my eating, which now is haywire with a toddler.  But...I'm glad I did get this is what I needed right now...
And here she is...Princess Emma...she wants to be like Princess Kai-Lan...she says Kai Kai-Lan...
She is so adorable and very much in the terrible twos!  Extremely clingy, very moody, and will no longer take a nap...yes, it's bad!
I was VERY surprised to win a scrapbooking challenge for Maya Road Product on Two Peas in a Bucket!!!  The winners are chosen by the Two Peas staff, so I was incredibly happy!!!  I got the email and thought, what???  There was a grand prize winner and two runners up...I was a runner up!!!!  Whohooo!  I won $50 worth of Maya Road product!!!  Those pink flowers were cream...I already sprayed them for Emma and I to wear in our hair!
My head is spinning and trying to think of what I'll do with all these luscious goodies!
This is the project that won!!!  My Summer 2010 mini album...
And another Scrapping the Music challenge is up!  What a cool Blind Melon called "No Rain."  Love this song, but gotta tell you, I had a hard time coming up with something, until I thought of the words "ordinary day."  It made me think about the first time Aunt Lisa came over with all kinds of colors of fingernail polishes and we polished our nails together for the first time.  Music, more than anything, can always inspire me to make a layout!  

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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet, Give Me Something Good to Eat!

We started Halloween off with Boo at the Zoo.  Aunt Lisa came with us.  Not a whole lot for the smaller ones to do...BUT it was still a lot of fun and loved seeing so many cool costumes!
Of course, Emma was Thomas the Tank Engine..."Cheese"
Dada with his jester hat on...
This was one costume Emma approved of...The Cat in the Hat.  Although, like last year, I did my makeup kind of crazy too and she still was staring at me...once she saw me do it again for Halloween night, she liked it and said I could do it again ;)
The zoo had "fake" houses for the little ones to trick or treat...she didn't get the gist of it until it was over ;)  It just went way too fast...
But then Halloween night, we did the real thing and she was SOOOO excited singing Treat or Treat, Smell my Feet, Give Me Something Good to Eat!
She loved seeing neighbors that she sees was very strange for her to be out during weird as that is...we just are not "out" at night (I sure hope not), so I think that was a little different for her...I don't think she liked it a whole lot...
Here's a cute little video of just a little I caught of her...the rest are pictures.  I put the pictures with one of the songs from Harry Potter's Order of the Phoenix movie...had to do a little Harry Potter this year...

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