Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pre-Ballet, School, and Chinese New Year Decorations and Books

Pre-Ballet started up again last week and first thing Emma wanted to wear was her new tutu that a friend of ours got her.  And she PUT on the crown and got her wand.  She was very excited!
After her class, we went for "tea."  She did good...but way too tired...she was really getting moody and delirious...she had more fun outside on the porch of the tea house best ;)

Yeah...when she holds her little ghost friend, in picture above, she's tired, but man was she ever tired...
Last week we went to the children's museum again, she really wasn't into much and we stayed maybe 30 minutes...
I think the biggest thing for her right now is school...she started out great.  The first day she loved the work the teacher was showing her to do, even went off with the teacher while we were outside...second day our friend said she wanted to be with Emma and stayed with her to see how she did.  She did great, didn't ask for me and loved it all.  This is the third day of us going to school.  Once we got there, I told her I'd bring her upstairs, give her a hug and kiss and leave, but she would see me when she came back downstairs.  She lasted about 15 minutes...the teacher had to bring her downstairs crying...she wanted and saw me, but the teacher told her no, she needed to play by herself.  Yes, seems harsh, but Emma does not play much by herself.  I will try to do things around the house and tell her I can't play right now, but Dada will play with her 24/7.  So at the advice of the director, I told Dennis he needs to allow her time to play on her own.  That's just part of her adjusting to being in school on her own, the other is learning to be without us and around other kids.

You can see the anxiety in her face here.  The fourth day, I could not leave her sight.  She would every now and then go with the teacher and the kids and do a new work, but then she would get very weepy and tears would come down her face.  I was there, but she knew she was to play on her own, but she got a much needed hug from me anyway.

She is a VERY sensitive little girl.  She doesn't like the aggressive kids in her class, so we are having to teach her to stand up for herself, but it is also creating more anxiety for her.  Unlike other kids that have been in a daycare situation or other school environment where they are left to defend for themselves, she hasn't.  And thankfully, this school does not believe in just leaving your child without saying goodbye, no sneaking off.  They teach the children that Moms ALWAYS come back.  And they let you stay as long as needed to help the child adjust.  And although you might think Montessori schools are very relaxed, they are very strict.  They are free to do any work they are interested in doing, but they also cannot take someone else's work.  It really makes a very peaceful environment.  I'm actually glad I can sit in because I can see firsthand how a Montessori school flows, very different from traditional schools.  Anyway...she really needs to be there, she loves to learn.  She is ahead academically, doing work a 4 year old can do, but she just has to get more comfortable being away from us and with other kids.

And thankfully, unlike a lot of other Mom's and/or families we've met, the director understands her anxiety and is aware of what else may be going through her mind since she was in a orphanage for a year.  I get so tired of hearing "that's normal."  Well, I do believe my child is normal, but I also have concerns that other Moms will never relate to.  I cannot say enough how grateful I am that the director's helping us ALL go through this major transition.  As you can see in the bottom right picture, Dada put her shoes on the wrong feet!  We are pathetic!  Thankfully, I'm in class with her and not Dada ;)
I am soooo excited about the Chinese New Year.  Barnes and Nobles had a great selection of books out. Out of all things, I cannot resist buying her books.  And then Starbucks had World is CHINA CD for the New had to come home with us.  And I've got the house decorated to celebrate, even put out some oranges.  I made the Double Happiness decoration using the Silhouette, just love that thing and what it can do.  And made the simple lantern below with it as well...
and one quick scrapbooking page.  I used the Sunday sketch on the Studio Calico blog and also this is my first time using one of their kits...had a lot of fun with it!

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