Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

 Of course we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant and Emma was treated like royalty.  The owner, "Uncle Frank" gave her two very nice gifts.  Emma loves to make the sad faces right now for the camera ;)  gotta love 2 and a half year olds.
 Someone from the table next to us said he would take a picture, so we went outside real quick to get a shot of the 3 of us...
 We couldn't leave until she could fed the's pretty cold right now, so we told her to do it FAST!
 I had put together the "red" envelope using the Silhouette.  It's not really red though ;) but I did it quick...she was excited to get the money and went with Dada and picked out a blue car...she was so excited
Prosperity and Longevity

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