Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Loving Aunt Denise

Emma could not wait to give Denise her birthday present...she was so proud...
Getting lots of love...
Aunt Denise did Emma's hair the next day ;)  Too cute!
Went for Mexican food for her birthday...Emma just loves it when Momma takes pictures ;)  Actually there was a TV on in the restaurant, several...and she doesn't like the TV on...that's for another post...
Aunt Denise got to be a part of one of Emma's own story times at Barnes...
Lots of playing outside...the weather is gorgeous!
Chickadee has had a ball running and playing...just wish she would nap ;)
Scrapping the Music's challenge song this time is by the Indigo Girls called "Closer to Fine."  It made me think of how long it has taken for my torn tendon in my foot to heal.  I still will probably not be able to wear the more fashionable shoes I used to love to wear, but the shoes my foot will tolerate are at least growing...
And for Black and White Wednesday, I picked this photo...not a perfect photo, but love the moment I caught with them together...

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  1. Awwwww! Such sweet photos Patricia! I love your little one's hair, too. And your page for this week's challenge is absolutely awesome!

  2. Love all the picutes with Aunt Denise!! Merrin is sitting here with me and she starting calling Dennis when she saw funny and cute!!




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