Monday, April 25, 2011

Making and Decorating Easter Cookies

We had a wonderful Easter, pictures coming soon, and hope everyone had a great weekend and Easter as well...

...about a week and a half ago, we finally did some more cookie decorating that Emma had been asking, after seeing pictures of her decorating the Halloween cookies on my iPhone, to do it again ;)  So I was finally up for it, and we went shopping.  She didn't want already made cookies, and I wasn't doing my homemade ones, so we bought the Better Crocker mix, icing and she picked the sprinkles...
 She could hardly wait for the cookies to bake (she did help mix though), but I knew what the girl's all about the sprinkles...
 And yes, that's one of her Halloween shirts.  I really need to hide seasonal clothes, because inevitably she picks those to wear ;)
 In the end, I had one happy little Chickadee!
Will try again to link a video up here, but having no luck with Vimeo or Blogger right now...

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  1. are ya trying to make me happy or something?! LOL! precious and priceless!!!

    I LOOOOVVVVVVEEEE the middle shot, lip sprinkles. I might have to try that! : .)


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