Thursday, June 02, 2011

Look at You, Look at You...Fly

Scrapping the Music has another challenge up.  This time "Write a Song" by the Dave Matthews Band is up.  Emma has grown so much since she started school in January and it was so amazing to see her at the Pre-Ballet celebration class doing so well.  She is so confident and thriving.  She still checks to make sure we're there, which I'm glad for that ;)  So I picked the words, "Head Over Heels You Go, Look at You, Look at You...Fly."  
Summer has been in full swing here for awhile...even though it's still Spring...  We've been able to enjoy the pool.  But when we would get in the pool with Emma, no sooner than you were in there, she was ready to get out and do something else.  So...we thought (more for us to relax and let her do it on her own) we got a small pool for her to go in and out.  We filled it up, but nope it didn't last.  
She wanted it IN the big pool.  Ok...  then she wanted inside the little pool, while IN the big pool...  ;)  But we've actually been able to enjoy staying in the pool a little longer this way so it's a win/win.  Because 110 degrees is just ridiculously HOT...

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