Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Harry Potter, Living with a 3 Year Old, and More Scrapbooking

I had emailed my friend, Linda, this picture showing her no lines yet for the final Harry Potter movie.  That's the good thing of living in the suburbs...it did pick up a little, but no long lines. 
I knew how it ended.  But even though I had read Deathly Hallows a couple of times, it was awhile ago.  So I went just thinking, great, I get to see the last movie forgetting how emotional it was.  I should have brought kleenex...

thought it was funny having Harry Potter and the new Winnie the Pooh movie starting on the same day.  Even though Emma is afraid of Harry Potter right now, I don't think she would do well with the loud surround sound...so maybe in the safety of our home, we'll watch this when it comes out later...
Chickadee has really been just a whole lot more of everything since turning 3.  Just like when she turned 2, we saw changes happening so fast, 3 is showing the same signs.  She is so ready for school again to start back up again.  I know she is going to love it.
And I've managed to sneak in some scrapbooking.  With chickadee scrapping next to me and submitting work to scrapbook magazines for publication consideration, it has all made me be a little more organized with scrapping...although it is very time consuming.  But worth it.

I finally have these pictures from our trip to have "tea."  That face cracks me up.  
 I finally am starting to scrap some photos of Emma with her Aunts.  This one is of her with Aunt Denise when she came down to visit the month after my Mother-in-Law passed away suddenly.  So we were very excited that Denise was still able to come down.

 I originally was going to scrap more than one photo, but I loved this Fancy Pants Spring Fever script paper, that I thought the one photo could really stand out...and such a cute one...I just love the look on her face riding that pony.  She absolutely loved it!
 I was really just wanting the design of the circles, brads, thread, etc.  Then I started thinking that this would do well with the photo of me taking a picture of myself in the car visor.  I used a negative I had cut out using the Silhouette to help bring the "focus" to the picture and the theme of the layout.
 Not the best photo...taken with Dennis' iPhone, but I just really wanted to document this transition of her to her Big Girl bed...
 I remember this day like it was yesterday, and it was 7 mos ago, so I'm glad I documented how crazy we were to go to the zoo when it was freezing cold!
 And a better picture of the frame with the double mat that I decorated for Emma's birthday.  I originally just wanted to have everyone sign the mat, but the double mat wasn't fitting well in the frame.  So that's when at 10 p.m. the night before her birthday, I took the glass out and started decorating it.  The lanyard with the star was part of the kids' party favors.  Emma didn't wear hers, so I draped it over the frame.  I love the layered look it gives with it...
 Here's what the frame looks like without draping the lanyard and star over it...
We hung it up in the kitchen...it makes me smile and remember how she was letting loose at the end of one of her ballet classes...I think she was also copying a little bit of Lightning McQueen...so the lanyard, which she picked out, goes even better with the picture ;)

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