Monday, August 15, 2011

A Night Like This and More

I never planned for this goofy iPhone pic of me to EVER be seen by anyone (I look a little pig like HA!)...but...before I could delete it, chickadee saw it, loved it, and wanted me to take a picture of her doing the same thing...then she wanted Dennis to do the same thing.  It was originally just a pic I had texted to Dennis as he was probably on one of those errands where I tell him what we need and he has a hard time finding it, so I just texted the pic as a "love you, okay, thank you, bye bye."
So I took the goofy pics of all three of us and scrapped it to the next song up on Scrapping the Music.  I picked the word "believe" from this awesome song and singer Caro Emerald.  Had never heard her EVER...and could not stop playing the song over and over and over again...of course had to look up info about her.  She is Dutch...doesn't sound it, but just an amazing voice.  I downloaded it from iTunes right away...check her out, and come join us by scrapping something to this song.
And saw this over on the Sassafras Lass blog challenging you to use three different colors of their letter stickers.  Duh...why didn't I think of that?!  Many many more layouts using this new found love will be seen soon...  So this great idea got me to finally scrap some Mardi Gras pictures...  You had to use, I think 90% of Sassafras product...yikes...I had really gone through my stash of paper...but thankfully, had some of their new paper from some Studio Calico kits and, of course, had some flower Whimsies, stickers, and brads that could be used from my stash...a lot of fun...ended up being 100% Sass all except the orange polka dot paper and the spray mist...
Slowly starting to get some energy back...feel like my glands are the size of oranges...just really needed to rest...have been putting stuff in my Smash book (which I love), but no scrapping...finally last night, I got a burst of creativity and just enough energy and dived into these four layouts using mainly Paper Moon kit from Studio Calico, with a dabble of leftover embellishments from Lawn Party...
I had so much fun...I, for some reason, will print off several pics at a time that I "think" I might want to scrap, but it takes me awhile to get to them, and then I can't remember what my idea was to scrap thankfully, they all came together last night...
I could've added so many more pics to this...but I kept with just these the old fashion-ness of this...
And my last one...almost ditched this picture...but I thought, I remember taking it and Emma being so excited to pick out a book at the library...she actually crashed (fell asleep) right after I took the pic ;)
And saving the BEST for LAST...  Emma was in my scraproom with me this morning and I said okay, time to take pictures of these layouts...she quickly finished hers (glue is still wet) and said mines ready too ;)  I had to take a picture of hers first!  She made it for me she said!  And I think it's the best layout I've ever seen!!!  Emma started putting the gems on, but Dennis finished it for her, I think she got a little tired ;)
Emma goes to school first full week, hoping it goes as well as it has.
And I go for a mammogram on Wednesday.  I have actually been a little out of sorts with worry.  I found a lump under my arm.  I really resisted looking on the Internet, but I finally did...all I can hope is that it's nothing but I think I was denying it was would appreciate a few quick prayers that all will be just fine...
Hoping for a great week for everyone...

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  1. Love, love, love all of the LOS...esp Emma's :) Hope everything goes well at the doctor & you feel better soon.

  2. I will be praying for you! Glad you are starting to feel better too! We leave to go to the beach on Thursday and back on Monday so hopefully we can get together soon. Give Emma a kiss!

    PS: Love the iphone picture!

  3. Absolutely fabulous layouts!! (Emma's is pretty great, too! Soooo cute!) The Night Like This layout is so striking. It is the first one I noticed when it went up on the STM blog. And, it is cheerful and beautiful as well! <3 Lovely, lovely work!


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