Thursday, October 06, 2011

21 Years Ago Today

We were married.  Changed quite a bit!  So if you're needing a little chuckle...this will be a good one.  Dennis had no gray hair yet and no wrinkles, and the bigger my hair could get the better.  If I could get my bangs to touch the roof of my car, I knew I did good.  Lots of layers and a spiral perm.  And my weight...well...all my life since 10 has been up and down...
 We flew into Orlando for our honeymoon...I got my clothes at The Limited...have no idea where Dennis got his, but we're looking very dated.  I still have my jewelry too from this picture.  
And some wedding photos...I love this photo...because it is taken in our living room of the house I grew up in.  You can see the wood paneling and the groovy love seat.  This was home for me for 23 years...
Emma and I were at the Starbucks in Barnes and Nobles and a bride was meeting with her photographer.  He was trying to work out details of taking photos of both sets of families.  He said for him, that is the most important part because you will be able to look back at photos of your families.

All I can do is tell Emma that these are her grandparents and that she was named after my mom...but at least I have photos to show her her grandparents...
And the same for Dennis' family now since the sudden passing of his Mom this past February...
So these are Emma's grandparents...she'll never know them...but hopefully she'll understand who they are one day.
And just a few pictures from our honeymoon at's us with Chip...
 Here on the jungle cruise ride...loving those shoulder pads in my T-shirt...and I still have those earrings...
 Back in the day...there were paper tickets...
And a very fast quick card for Dennis while he took Emma to the park...Happy 21 year Anniversary!

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    You two look like you belong in an 80's pop video!!! I can relate to all of it...Maybe I should do a retrospective so you can see me in the 80's too!

    Thanks for sharing!!! Love this post!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary, you were a beautiful bride, Dennis was one lucky guy and still is!!! I LOVE the pictures and I did get a good laugh but you and I had the same hair, so funny!! I love the wood paneling in your house totally reminds me of the house I grew up in too. Hope you enjoyed your day my friend and I will see ya soon!



  3. Awwwwww! Happy Anniversary, Patricia! My hubby and I have been married 21 years, too, and you should have seen my hair!!!!! I love your big hair and your wedding dress, and all of your photos!

    Hope all is well with you! Miss you!!!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Bob & I have been together for 21 years but "only" married for 11...we went to Vegas so we only have a couple of pictures...thanks for sharing your pics., the wood paneling and shoulder pads made me smile :)


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