Thursday, October 20, 2011

5K Goal, Costume for Halloween, School, Bedtime, and Getting Crafty

I've been walking again since last December, but it's not consistent unless Emma is in school...  So gaining consistency again and wanting more motivation and I really miss the feeling of finishing a 5K.  I used to do them all the time...I want that good feeling again.  So I'm adding 10 mins to one walk each week.  My normal walk was 27 mins, so for one day last week I did a 37 min. walk.  Today I did 47.  Foot is achy and I think I need to put the compression sock on, but I'm going to do this!
This weekend, Emma saw me putting some pieces to my costume together for Halloween.  I'm going to be a mix of a butterfly fairy sort of Emma decides she is going to be a butterfly, Minnie, princess fairy ;)
I've been able to walk in and get Emma started on school work since school started and then leave...but she did not like picture day...big time!  She is a child who likes routine and it was not the normal school routine day.  Plus kids that didn't have school on the day of picture day, had their Moms with them...yep, she wanted Momma...she didn't understand that as as soon as pictures would be over, those Moms and kids would be weepiness started last week...well more like crying when I went to leave.

I knew something wasn't I stayed with her to do some work...and I'm back to staying 30 mins with her at school before I can leave.  Today I negotiated and she, well...she negotiated right back.  I said today, I'll do 3 works with you and then I have to leave.  She said 4...I said, it's a deal.

At least I get to see the work she is doing...she loves math and early reading...
 So hopefully we can get past the bad experience of picture day and get back to normal...but for now, I stay for about 30 mins before I can leave...
The routine of bedtime is still the same...thankfully we finally bought a real mattress that will eventually be hers.  I really got tired of waking up feeling my butt on the ground because the air mattress once again deflated on me ;)  Dennis snapped this iPhone pic of me putting her blanket on the mattress...she snuggles first with me and then she gets in her bed...
 Been getting a little crafty...wish it could be more.  Emma and I did these glass and acrylic ornaments we got at Michael's.  They have glue that you put on the inside of the ornaments and sprinkle and swirl the glitter on the inside.  I don't know if you really have to have that particular kind of glue...but it is watery and coats well...
 My friend, Linda, Emma will challenge me on Linda is her friend, she tells me...Linda gave me a link to some fun Disney things to do for Halloween...I had to carve the Mickey in a pumpkin...the fake pumpkins, really loving these things...
 These little carving tools really do work well...and I've gotten even more comfortable with doing it...the curves and edges are tricky...but I'm getting much better...

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  1. My friend Emma and I kinda think alike, altho' my idea for a costume was Skater Punk Zombie Minnie Mouse...LOL!

    I didn't notice until after the fact that E is in the background of the pix with the pumpkin carving toos!!! My fav part of the pix!!! : .)

    Happy Friday P!!! Habe a gud wknd!

  2. Way to go on your walking and Emma's costume rocks!!

  3. I think butterfly-Minnie_princess fairy is the best costume ever :) Those mouse ears remind me of Frances!


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