Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Festivities

Saturday we decided to do one of the local community events.  We didn't stay long...Emma was overwhelmed and it was really crowded.  So Emma wanted to be held most of the time.
 She did go up to some of the Trick or Treating houses on her own, the ones that weren't scary ;)  But always making sure we're close...Dennis was the one she was attached to this day...he was the friendly ghost.  Hopefully, I'll have pictures of me with them today...
 I'm not a fan of snakes really, but they are so beautifully when held by someone else ;)  His name was Butter...he was really beautiful...
 Okay...Dennis told me I had to post this picture...can you see why?  Hope you get a little chuckle from it  as we did ;)
 Then today I went with Emma to her school "Fall Party."  She was really overwhelmed, and didn't want to do anything, wanted me to hold her or be near me...
 Just not feeling it, so we left the party early.  Getting ready now for our own little, very teeny tiny Halloween party for just us.  We are all sick and really could use some rest.  But will not miss Trick or the wagon decorated, pumpkin pie is cooling, and Emma and I hit the local bakery for some chocolate treats too ;)  I'll make up some Hot Dog Mummies, and Pizza Mummies here in a little bit too.  Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

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  1. awwww hope you guys are feeling better!!! Thanks for the laugh this morning that is so funny! Merrin was cracking up with me but had no idea why, she missed it thank goodness : )
    Halloween is very overwhelming but sweet Emma looked so cute and Dennis looked great too can't wait to see your costume.



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