Monday, October 10, 2011

Planning on Some Scrapping Time

I really wanted to get more work done on the Disney album.  Whenever my friend, Wendy, and I get together, we talk about food and the Pioneer she inspired me to search for some good dishes to make.  This stir fry was so good last Monday, that I made it again Saturday.  Emma loves the baby corn, but only when it's got the sauce on it ;)
 I finally found Arrowroot in the spice isle instead of using corn starch the first time. I didn't notice a huge difference in it thickening, but maybe if we hadn't eaten all of the stir fry as so soon as it was ready, it would have had time to sit and thicken a little, but we were hungry.
 The third time I make this, I will add extra corn for chickadee and I will make a double isn't enough for all of us plus some leftovers for all of us...but it is a meal fit for Princess Emma...winner winner chicken dinner!
 Emma pulled out the Hello Kitty clock radio.  Thanks again, Melissa, for giving us this...she is being well taken care of...her time just isn't set so she was flashing numbers...  We listened to some classic rock.  Aunt Lisa and I have been teaching Emma about The Who and Elton John over the weekend...she really liked them too...that's my girl.
 And I couldn't resist getting these at Target...always expensive buying mixes like this, but so good.  Too many peanuts for me and not enough chocolate for Emma...I had to weed out some of those peanuts.
 So the rest of the day, I did some scrapping...I haven't been able to do much, not just scrapping, just anything unrelated to Emma.  So it was a good feeling...was able to do more on Sunday.  So with Dennis here to give her undivided attention, I was able to have a little "life."  They were busy chalking outside...
 And then didn't realize when they came inside, the chalk was still on their feet...
 Big feet, little feet...feet, feet, feet...I can't help but think of the Dr. Suess' Foot Book seeing all these feet! And yes, Dennis cleaned it up...thank you!
This week, I'm planning on changing up my walk a little bit.  I am setting some new goals for myself...will see how that goes!  And a few pictures of the Disney album to share later this week...

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  1. yum.... I've tried some of P-Dubs recipes! I love her!!!

    your girl is a good eater! : .)

    I can't wait to see what you come up with scrapwise. did you do any of the Disney crafts?!

  2. Yum, that looks so good I need to try that one!


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