Saturday, November 12, 2011

Busy Making Christmas Gifts and DIY Photo Ornaments

It looks like Christmas here already.  It wouldn't normally, but we are going out of town for Thanksgiving and we want to be able to come home and enjoy the holidays.  We decided to bring some little gifts to exchange while visiting family that we know we won't see for Christmas.

We do little gifts for each other, and I like to try to hand make some things.  I've stitched everyone's name on some webbing for a little tag they can put on their luggage, purse, etc.
 And thanks to my friend, Linda, and Pinterest too, I've made these mini fauxlaroid magnets...
This is the third year, since we've had Emma, and I've decided to make photo ornaments again.  Thought I would share how I've made it work for me.  Either Michael's or Hobby Lobby sells these Darice 100MM and 80MM acrylic ornaments.  There's another size, but they are out, so I'm not sure of the exact size of that one.
Now, you could probably print a large photo and use the ornament and trace around part of your photo, and then cut out.  I do it this way using Photoshop Elements, print it on a 4x6, and then I cut it out...

(sorry for the typo)
I've got my photos printed (there's my stack of fauxlaroids too...I did a lot).  
 Archie likes to hang out with me in the scrap working around him to cut out the photo.  I leave tabs on each side.  Click on any of these pictures to see it larger...
And if you're like me, and have cut all the way around and forgot to leave the this first, make your tabs, then cut around...
You won't need a tab that long.  
This is where it takes a little patience.  Some come out better than others, that is just the way it is.  Fold the tabs.  You want to be able to glue the tabs to either side of the inside of the ornament.
 It can look kind of messy with the glue, but that will be covered up later with ribbon.  It is a little tricky getting it in but don't worry about getting it just right.  Trim those tabs sticking out.  If you want to, you can sprinkle some fake snow or die cuts, sprinkles or whatever to add to the festive look.  I couldn't find the color that I wanted, so I used my Silhouette and some Hambly paper to cut some snowflakes.
 I use this Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac glue.  It's like a hot glue gun without burning myself.
 Do the same for the other side...put the flakes or snow or anything else on the other side too, then snap it shut.
 I have gotten these pictures closer before, but I'm not going to worry about it...the ribbon will help cover that part up.  Michael's had the Celebrate It ribbon for 40% I think.  But I didn't realize it would be so I doubled it up. You could use a wider ribbon if you like as well.
 Michael's had their holiday floral 40% so I got this...
 ...and this...going with the lavender/purple look this time.  I usually do blue.
 Snip some leaves off and glue on either side of the hoop at the top of the ornament.
 Next, I make my tag.  I have some Making Memories metal glitter tags left over, so that's what I used for this.
 You can just trace on the outside of the tag, then measure the inside dimensions and trim the rest off, it fit perfectly.
 I pulled out some Hambly overlays for this...perfect color and the elegance I wanted.  
 I have found that it's better if I try to flatten the sides myself with a ruler or other hard object...
 Then I'll use the Making Memories tool...but really anything heavy to smash it...this tool is not essential to make it work, not worth the money.  (more ideas for a tag:  use painted cardboard with pretty paper glued on top, then use paint the edges with a leaving pen in silver or gold.  It will look like it has a metal around it; you could just use a small office tag too - but pack well so it doesn't get all bent up until the next year)
 I like to put the year on the tag using some Thickers or letters from my stash.
 Be sure to go ahead and put your ribbon of choice through the hoop at the top of the ornament so you can hang it on the tree. 
 I like to thread a jingle bell on the ribbon too.
 Tie your tag on (if you want it to dangle more, you could use twine or a chain).  I snipped some of the flowers and found some pretty brads in my stash...put one on each side.  Glue really well and hold down...but be sure to hold your ribbon hanger up while doing this so you don't accidentally glue that down.
Here is our 2009, our first Christmas...
And this year, 2011.  They really add a lot to the tree...nice and sparkly, but also love looking back at the photos...  I was thinking you could put family photos, pet photos, you could make a little miniature village in their even...and you could decorate it however you want to, lots of possibilities.  But my favorite is using it to put photos on the tree...I am very sentimental if you haven't noticed already ;)
Next, I'll post some frames I've made with Emma's handprint and her artwork...

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  1. OMG! What a brilliant idea! I think I'll be heading to my local Michael's this week! Thanks for the ideas!!

  2. ha! and you say I'm oozing with creativity?! Emma princess ornaments? priceless!!! gorgeous work P!

  3. Love are so crafty : ) I have been pinning some things for Christmas and I am going to try so we shall see, if not I will just have to hire you!

  4. Love, love, love the ornament idea...I may have to give it a try myself!! I love that you have one of Emma each year.


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