Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Decorating and Wacky Wednesday

$300 tree with over 2,000 branches at 9 ft tall for 50% at Hobby Lobby.  Going like hot cakes.  I think we got the last one around here at another store nearby, cause they are gone...
We had our other artificial tree for 15 years...I cannot believe it's been that long.  It was time...this one is gorgeous.  We didn't get it pre-lit because I figured that would be the first thing to go, and I want options.    But Dennis was very excited about our new tree and put 1,000 lights on it, wrapping it on each branch!  What a dad!
Lots of texture and different types of branches...for $149...just couldn't believe.
I pulled out the camera and tripod was just going to play around with some settings to get the glow of the enormous lights on the tree...I really liked this one with Emma and Dennis.  She got a piece of our fabric from our garage a/k/a our Pillows 4 Me warehouse ;) and wrapped her own present.  Got a piece of lace ribbon from my stash.
But then it didn't take long for chickadee to want to have the remote...and, of course, Dennis had to get in there that is why I'm calling this Wacky Wednesday.  I've seen Wordless Wednesday on blogs, but Wacky suits us best.  Especially today...because chickadee has had about 5 meltdowns, and I have a feeling a gigantic one is yet to come before days end.
We are in trouble with this little one...more than a handful is all I can say.
working it...
...and a little more working it...
after about 200 or so pictures she took! she said "I'm all done."  Xie Xie Ni - Adios - Bye Bye

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  1. I always thot it was spelled "shi shi ni" which makes me want to go to the bathroom. LOL!

    I love this girl! Got the xie xie ni pix up as my wallpaper!

    : .)

    tell Dennis I said he ROCKS!!! I would have told you to put together your own damn tree!!! LOLOLOL!!!

    Merry Christmas and all that!

  2. OK LOVE the tree and can Dennis please come to my house to put on the lights!!

    Emma is just beautiful love all the pictures, give her a big kiss we miss her : )


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