Tuesday, November 01, 2011


I wanted to at least be in the picture, so I set up the tripod and got the three of us with Emma in her wagon ready to go trick or treating...Dennis finally got a chance to paint on the smile that matches Emma's favorite ghost toy...so Dada was the "friendly ghost."  

I was a mix between a butterfly fairy.  I got the inspiration from seeing Martha Stewart on the cover of a magazine as Mothra with the moth wings on either side of her eyes...so I bought some fancy butterflies and cut them and glued them (with the false eyelash glue) to the side of my eyes.  The fancy jeweled piece on top was a brooch that belonged to my Mom.  I had layered very flashy colored stockings on with All-Stars...but the photo looked better with us closer to Emma.
 Emma did take the remote control again as she did last time for our Easter pic, but we had to take turns this time ;)
 Now if you ask me...this is creepy...hooded, friendly smile...I can't help but think of a horror movie, but Emma doesn't know any better...thankfully!
 Halloween was short and sweet...Emma had scoped out the houses she felt would not be scary and some of her favorite neighbors, especially the ones she sees running and walking the neighborhood.  So Ralph the runner's house was on top of the list...Aunt Lisa got to come with us too after working...
 Every house, Emma hopped inside...not shy at all.
 And we stopped at Colonel the walker's house.  But there's a house just up the street that goes all out for Halloween with all of the props, mechanical and just for looks, smoke, the loud music, the lights...I never liked those creepy kind of houses when I was a kid and honestly I still don't.  She is more aware that it is there, was not sure if we were near it, and it just freaked her out too much...she said I want to go home...so this ended the night...
 I think she got more fun out of giving the candy out.  So she anxiously waits ;)
 She really loved handing out the candy and got even better at it.

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  1. You all looked great, but I am with you I think Dennis looked like something right out of a horror movie!


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