Thursday, November 17, 2011

Little Indians and Pilgrims

Emma has more and more shown the teachers and her friends the real Emma.  She has come a long way.  She even started singing louder and doing the hand movements to the Thanksgiving songs and would practice at home.  But I knew it would be overwhelming with parents and grandparents there to watch.  
 She really wanted to let loose too...especially when they sang songs I had heard her singing at home, her little legs and hands started to twitch around a little.  But I was so proud that she even stood up there on her own even though right before the program, the teachers were about to have to come get me to take her.
 But they bribed her just like we did...  They said we'll have cookies after...she stopped crying and asked if they were chocolate (shocolate) cookes?  That did it...she was a happy camper the rest of the time...still  clingy as usual, but she did great and sat at a table full of her friends.
 Gotta love those pinecone turkeys.  We made some at home, but these are cuter!
 And trying to get her to laugh with a picture with both of her teachers...

Busy packing and will hit the road first thing tomorrow next post will be pictures from our traveling...

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  1. How cute are they and Emma did a great job! I hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving and can't wait to catch up and see you all when you get back.

  2. Emma is such a smart girl....chocolate makes everything better :)


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