Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Some Scrapping to Share

Missing my scrapping so much.  But have been so under the weather and I actually didn't feel like scrapping about Emma.  Sounds terrible I know.  I was feeling like I needed a little more.  I had stumbled on this scrapbooking kit site called Scrapping from the Inside Out.  And I just kept going back to the site, because I felt like it was what I really needed especially when it comes to scrapbooking lately.

I think between still getting over this cold/sinus infection or whatever it is and Emma becoming more of a little girl had gotten the best of me.  I did this last year when she turned 2...I felt completely drained.  I couldn't keep up with her. we go again...but at a faster and more intense level.  She has completely worn me out.  I have nothing else to give.  So I scrapped about myself for a nice change. 

I did have a birthday, scrapped it...
Remembering what it was like up until that time when we first met Emma and she became ours.  A picture of us in Beijing right before flying to her Province.  I hear people say, I can't remember how it was without their child in their lives.  I always say, I can totally remember how it was, and yes, I miss it.  But, I can't imagine not having her in my life.  She is worth it.
And scrapping about probably my most favorite hobby.  I'd rather shoot pictures than do anything else.  It really is my passion.  I just cannot learn enough about photography.
And carving out that time to walk and do something for myself.  This is what I need most of all right now.

Then I finally felt like doing some scrapping related to Emma...since she is still so obsessed with her stuffed much so, that Dennis dressed up as a ghost for Halloween, I scrapped about her favorite toy...
And about our first time going to the Pumpkin Patch...
Did a couple more that are not my typical style that I've been doing...but trying out an old technique again of using Vaseline to resist paint...
and another that is more for documenting Emma's speech.  I have gotten all of my pictures and videos transferred over to another external drive, which I am now loving and now I can quickly access ALL photos and videos.  So I couldn't help but watch several old videos of her when she was smaller.  So I pulled out some photos of her at a different milestones and what she was saying at that time...I really am amazed at how well she has done.

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  1. I know how you feel Sister! Merrin has been not feeling well this week and I am worn out! We need a spa day Oh if only we had a sitter, hehe! Love all the scrapping and how you document everything I am so behind it is so crazy, poor Merrin I hope she will forgive me!


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