Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stopping at Aunt Kathy's and Uncle Buck's

First stop on our trip is family in Alabama.  Emma gets to see her Paw Paw and give him his Christmas present.
And these two had a blast together.  Emma's cousin, Stephanie, is about five years older than Emma, but they have the same personalities and did so well together.  Staying up a whole lot later than normal and having a little snack together.
Then today, they made pilgrim hat cookies...although, Emma decided she wanted to eat a cookie and Reeses instead of making them.
Emma looks so tiny...and yep, I think she ate all of those Reeses.  Stephanie had a basketball game and won.  She is such a sweet little girl and loves hanging out with Emma.
I think we may have to make more trips up this way for these two to spend more time together...priceless...
So glad that these two could spend a lot of time together although wish it could have been more...
We always have a good time drinking coffee and talking with Uncle Buck...
and Aunt Kathy...and Kathy cooks really good too ;)  Dennis should be the one kissing the cook.
And just a few more priceless moments I had to capture...

Thank you again, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Buck for letting us stay with you and for the amazing dinner!
Next stop our friends, Dean and Kathy...

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  1. Cousins are great! I'm glad to hear you guys are enjoying your holiday vacation! And, you captured some precious moments!


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