Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December Daily Days 10 through 13

With doing this December Daily book, I'm having to let go of a few things:  1) use imperfect photos 2) use unedited photos 3) if a page isn't flowing, stop and start and make it flow 4)  don't worry about other people's fabulously detailed and out of the box ideas for their pages  5) letting go of perfect pages, it's the entire book that is important

So here are the last 4 days of events.

Day 10 - went into the city to visit with Merrin and her Mom and Dad...which is never enough time...always look forward to these times and glad we made it work during this crazy time.

 Day 11 - Emma is a Dada's girl (most are), but she really wanted to come with me to Target and the grocery...I really had a lot of shopping and had already told her we would do sugar cookies...I was a little stressed by the amount in one day...but we made it fun...
 I really was not going to do sugar cookies this year...I do them every year from scratch...every bit, even the icing.  It's a lot of work.  But this was the most special moment to see Emma really getting into a tradition I do every year.  She really did cut out cookies.  So glad I did it, but it was and is an ALL day event...I'm still whipped.
Day 12 - Okay this is where my black and white personality gets a little challenged.  I do not like events or pictures that are on the dates they did not happen...but that is another letting go...realistic.  But I did date when she had her very first photo with Santa (which she wasn't crazy about).  I also made this a one page instead of two...I know Christmas day I want to include more, so saving some room.
 More than one thing happens on one day...which I've put on other days (pages), but I didn't want this to be on another day, because I have some events planned for the next few days of this week.  So I made this one out of an 8 1/2 x 11 protector...made the insert the same size as the 6 x 8 1/2.  Put the page inside the big protector and stitched around it and then cut it...lined up the holes on the other protectors.  
 Really wanted this to be in here now and document and talk about Aunt Lisa's visits...priceless photos.

 Day 13 - another one that I wanted in here sooner than later...because this is the last week of school...
 And also, I had taken with iPhone last week!  But this is a day to day event and wanted it documented...
And I managed to squeeze a layout in the midst of all these December Daily pages.  It is from a challenge over on Scrapping from the Inside Out to scrap about a specific ambiguous situation.  This was really hard.  I kind of felt like the challenge was ambiguous.  I did what I felt...and that was to journal about leaving my job and what my role in life is now...the picture is from iPhone that I had taken to use at some point with the December Daily.

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    YOur DD looks great! I love the white on white and all the Silhouette images!


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