Saturday, December 03, 2011

Last of the Thanksgiving tour of 2011! And Some Scrapping.

The day we left our stay with Dennis' aunts and uncles, just two hours away, we stopped in my Mom and Dad's hometown.  My cousin, Cindy, had just been down to New Orleans for a conference, and I got to see her again.  Funny because twice in one month I see her and it's been over 30 years since I've seen her or my Dad's sister, my Aunt Laura!  It was so good to see them and meet Cindy's family.
I was flooded with memories as I looked around the house and around the yard.  I remembered these stairs that were between the house where Aunt Laura and my grandmother lived, and went up and down them all the I am at 3...Aunt Laura and Cindy were looking through old pictures and I was so happy that they let me take some.
And now, here is Emma going up and down the same set of stairs with Cindy...

Cindy and her family, as well as Aunt Laura, were so sweet to take us around the town to see some history of my family.  On the way, we stopped at Cindy's house...where Emma entertained everyone ;)
I was able to get some pictures of all of the tombstones of my great grandfather, and great grandmother; grandfather and grandmother; and Cindy's father. 
Next time, I'll have to go inside this library to see more information on my family...but needed to get some miles behind us as we headed home...I was able to get pictures of bricks that my Aunt Laura had donated in the names of my family...very special glad we were able to stop on our way back home.   We really appreciate them showing us around.
After our stay in the first hotel on the way back...we tried to get more miles behind us on day 2 of going home...we decided to see if my Uncle Ed and Aunt Dot could just meet us really quick...they were able we met at a hotel for a quick little visit...although "quick" is not in Uncle Ed's vocabulary ;)
So many family members and friends all along our journey...just too hard to see everyone...
This pictures of Uncle Ed reminds of when he was a boy...and I see so much of my grandmother in him...not personality though ;) hotel and next day home!  But we did have a lot of fun in the hotels too...Emma dressed Daddy up...
...and showed him how to do a curtsy ;)
I have been so busy since we got back home...catching up with pictures (as usual) and really just wanting to scrapbook...actually brought the little mini Halloween album with me and tried to work on hard for me to do...did more when I got home...but I really wanted to start my December I put the book away for now and started the DD...
I'm keeping it simple...taking lots of pictures that there is a story too or just taking pictures and putting the stories together later...which ever works in the end...I'll just sit down after a couple of days and put the days in rather than trying to do it everyday.
Will take pics of it as I go...I try to get as much done while Emma is in school...or while Dennis takes her...difficult, and seems like there is always something to do, especially now...but, I'm trying to make a point to scrap and document these 25 days of Christmas...even if it means staying up a little later than normal ;)

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