Monday, January 09, 2012

Bama and LSU Game

Dennis's best friend, Dean, really lucked up and was able to get a hold of two tickets at face value to the big championship game between Bama and LSU here in New Orleans.  Two lucky boys are on their way right now to the dome.

Dean got in yesterday, so we all had a good visit, and Emma loved having him around.
 We ate at Mellow Mushroom where Dean also had to sit next to Emma so they could find the words together on the kid's menu.
 On my trip to Target over the weekend, gathered up more storage for me and for Emma.

 And I bought the last of the Mickey bowls and serving bowls that they had...completely gone.  I think these will make good storage too, but the little ones are cute for Emma to eat out of.
Working on first week of Project Life...hopefully will have that done before the second week is up ;)  

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  1. I am sure they had a great time at the game!! Joey is so not happy! Give sweet Emma a kiss : )


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