Thursday, January 19, 2012

Project Life, Week 2; and a New Toy

Week 2 in Project Life.  One thing I am liking is how good it will be to look back on...
 ...I put in every picture again from the me, that's important, it will probably change later.  Lots to journal about as well...
 I took a couple of shortcuts...trying to get the week done without spending hours.  I printed the pictures of the championship game on the back of white cardstock...I just opened a blank 6x12 document in Photoshop Elements and put them on there and printed.  (note:  my recent Mac OS upgrade doesn't play nice with my Epson R1800, so I can't make my own sizes to print anymore.  So I work around it and I put the 6x12 onto a 12x12 to print it)

 Another shortcut with lots of photos.  The little card size pics of Emma walking across bridge and swinging.  I opened a blank 2.88 x 3.88 screen, moved the pics onto it and resized.  Again couldn't print that way, so pulled up a 4x6 blank document/canvas and moved the 2.88 x 3.88 directly onto the 4x6, then printed, cut in half...and just slipped in (after putting a little journaling, tape, arrow).   Did the same thing for Emma's pictures bottom right, printed as is, journaled, stamped, slipped it in.
 I am VERY glad that I did get the clementine kit.  I want fast, easy, as less stress as possible.  Pull a card out...if it works, great, if not, pull another.  Works for me along with my stash.
And yep, I put the wrong date on some of the cards and just wrote on top...not worrying about it and moving on...
And Dennis and I got a message seat from Brookstone.  He gets reward points from his company, so he cashed them in and we decided on this.  We both have knots on top of knots in our backs, and this is cheaper than going to get a message...chickadee, however, has decided she likes it and gave me grief while I was using it...  

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  1. Your PL is awesome! Looks like you are having fun with it :)

  2. lots of great printing tricks - thanks!

    Looks good, lots of great happy photos!

  3. Nice job...I'm not doing PL but I really enjoy seeing everyone's take on it.

  4. Looking great! Love the negative die cutting. Also -- I've picked up that Mickey bowl at Target a dozen times and put it back!

  5. Super cute PL pages!!! :)

  6. Wonderful pages. I love how bright they are and all the details and elements that you've added. Great journaling as well. You are sure to treasure this down the line. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Your Project Life pages are so awesome. I'm so impressed and inspired! :) Your pages and photos make me smile........they're so special and beautiful.

  8. Your PL pages are great!! I love the fact that you include even spilled messes...that certainly is Life! I loved your pictures and had lots of fun looking at your pages! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love all your journaling! Great LOS!


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