Monday, January 23, 2012

Scrapping the Music #187 and Project Life Week 3!

Whohoo, I feel good...I knew that I would.  Fun fun fun song.  And I...well...had fun with this one.  And thanks to living with a 3 1/2 year old who likes to be like her Momma and tell me how to pose for pictures (she's all into emotions, of course, the little drama queen).  So after about 50 pictures I had to go through, I am glad I kept a few...

Just took some American Craft letter stickers (I should have gotten a little more adhesive off, the paper did tear a little, but not bad), and sprayed a couple of different colors.  I masked too with a negative left over from cutting circles.  I put the pictures together in Photoshop Elements on a 8 1/2 X 11 size canvas/new document and just cut them out as is, put a little paint around edges, and layered on top of paper.  I've been using this iPhone app for my phone photos, thanks to my friend Linda...I love it more than Instagram.  You can "kind" of figure it out...well, because it is in Japanese, I believe it is...I don't think it's a Chinese program...but like I said, I can't read it!  If someone can, please tell me if the downloads are free.  I can do everything but download some extra things, because I'm afraid I might get a bill.  But really so easy...available for the andriod phones too.  Oh, and it's FREE!
 I had a lightbulb moment reading over Sasha Farina's posts about her Project Life and how she is doing it.  I was waiting until the end of the week and doing it all at one time...I did better working as the week went on.  I don't mind because ALL supplies are for grabs when putting this together.

Supplies:  Clementine Core and F Protectors

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