Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scrapping the Music Challenge #185

This week's challenge song on Scrapping the Music comes from the young and talented Selena Gomez singing "Who Says"

I was inspired by the lyrics "not perfect" along with these family photos that I had only just seen this past Thanksgiving when stopping to visit my Aunt.  None of my sisters or brother had ever seen these pictures. It was a treasure...and, of course, the memories of we were not perfect, but we were family came to my mind as I looked at them.  

This is a great song to scrap about your children, yourself, or to look through pictures and see which words stand out to you...hope you can join us!

And I finally finished the first week of 2012 for Project Life...
 I took way too many pictures and it is hard for me to leave them out...so instead of a two-page spread, I have four!
 I hope I can get into a groove of doing this.  It took way more time than I would have liked it too.  Getting the pictures printed up took a lot of time, plus having so many of them...
 to me it's still of an experiment and trying to make it fun and not work...I hope...
Will have pictures later in the week of Dennis and his friend, Dean, at the Bama and LSU game!

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