Monday, January 23, 2012

Xin Nian Kuai Le - Happy Chinese New Year Begins!

We feel like it has been way too long since we've made it to our once a month playdate with Chinese Adoptive Families.  Our favorite playdates, and especially when Merrin comes.  
 Emma has gotten so much more confidence just within these last several weeks.  She was running around, holding hands, and playing with Merrin without us having to play with her.  Just so happy to see her having fun and being a kid.
 We all bring snacks and share...the kids have a blast and thankfully it wasn't too hot, a nice breeze.
 Auntie Linda surprised Emma with some goodies and Emma got a little shy and was crawling on the floor with excitement.  
 As Emma would say, You Da Best, My Friend Linda!
 The red envelope...
 She even put in some coins and take a closer look as I had to after she told me ;) one is for Louisiana and one is for rock, Auntie Linda!
And today, Emma decided she wanted to wear her Bama shirt (we made no big deal of it)...and the new princess cowgirl hat her Aunt Lisa got her.  I'd say she has some pretty sweet aunts!
And Emma and I right before bedtime, very may sound like she's speaking a foreign language, but that's Emma language when she's deliriously tired...HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!  The celebrations begin...going for Chinese for lunch after picking her up for school and hopefully more celebrations later this week!

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  1. Love!!!

    Now go eat!!!

    : .)

  2. and hey! is that a Mickey Mouse Bama shirt?! total coolness!

    : .)

  3. She is so cute and sounds like you have lots of fun! Enjoy your lunch!

  4. Adorable photos--what a cutie she is!

  5. Enjoy your celebration lunch. I love the thought that her aunty put into her ang pow.

  6. Happy Chinese new year right back at you, to you and your wonderful family! I really enjoyed seeing your adorable pics!


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