Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mardi Gras, Zoo, and Dean and Kathy's Present

We didn't know if Emma would go to the Mardi Gras day parades or not.  She is still a little scared of how loud it can be.  We found a perfect spot on the porch of a business where she could get far away from it, but still see it.  

I loved the band...she didn't ("too loud" she said).
 Still a little unsure...
 Then she wanted down and really got into it...we caught a lot...and didn't even stay for it to come back around.

Not only was the spot perfect, but we ended up right where two of her friends from school were.  And the Mom works at this business.  Hello?  Bathroom and food (Emma ate, we waited to go to lunch after).  They were really so nice.  We still felt like we were taking advantage, but Emma had so much fun playing.
Emma's been off the whole week because of Mardi Gras.  So we've kept busy.  We decided to go to the zoo before it gets too hot, especially since we've had no winter here.
 I think what's great about the zoo, is how they have it set up.  Like the animal love to climb on them, and this is on top of Monkey Hill (highest manmade spot in New Orleans).  They even have a rope bridge with a spider web looking thing at the end...she wore us out.  I had to sit out on the last 4 or 5 times going up and down and let Dada do it.
 It wasn't too hot, but it was really humid, so you sweat.  But the animals and the gators were loving it.  Emma thought they were fake ;)  Ha! and the statues...we spent about 10 minutes getting on and off...
 Carousel - top of the list for chickadee.  Did this about 6 times!
And when we got home from the zoo, Emma had a package from Dean and Kathy waiting for her...
 Stuff kept coming out of the box!  Kathy, you are amazing how you shop for things like these.  You and Dean are so sweet to think of Emma like this.  You're like the grandparents she never had (except for Dennis' step dad).
 You made this little chickadee very happy...
 "How do I look?"

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