Thursday, February 02, 2012

More Chinese New Year Celebration

We didn't find out about the adoption group doing anything for Chinese New Year, until about two weeks before, but it was a bad time for us to go.  So we were really glad to find out from my friend, Wendy, that a church, not too far, celebrated the New Year and outsiders were welcome.

We were very welcomed...really awesome...$5 for a plate of Chinese food they cooked, and entertainment, and crafts for the kids.  Emma was a little scared at first, not of the lion, but of the man or monk in the mask...can't blame her...but really was very good.
I had to read up a little on the dance...apparently this is a south China dance, more martial arts moves.  And the money is representing "green food."  The lion tests it first to make sure it is not a firecracker or anything dangerous, then does a 5 point dance or a 7 point dance (not exactly sure), and then eats it...very interesting, and a lot of fun, brave little kids!

The dance is scaring away evil and bringing good luck for the new year...
And love seeing Merrin and Emma together...didn't get to visit with Wendy and Joey a whole lot, but just good to celebrate the Chinese New Year together.  And Merrin, next year, Ms. Patricia will be better prepared and give you a red envelope too...sorry sweet girl.

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  1. Love the pictures! I can't wait to see Dennis and Joey do the lion dance next year, hehe!


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