Monday, February 06, 2012

Project Life, Week 5

Project Life, Week 5 - this week went together faster than the others...hopefully it is a sign that I'm getting the hang of this.

Used an American Craft 6x12 protector to put some artwork Emma did at the Chinese New Year Celebration we went to...
 ...and the other side, I put the flyer from the church
 Had a lot of pictures, but picked favorites and/or ones that gave the feel for the fun that we had.
 And this page went quick.  In Photoshop Elements, I pulled up a 4x6 blank canvas/page and put the iPhone or camera photos onto it...made them small and kept in mind I wanted to add journaling.  Printed them, cut them out and put on the pattern paper.  The 3x4 pockets went quick too as I used this phone app again and took advantage of the storyboards it offers.  So I resized to fit the pockets and then added the journaling to another card next to each.  

That cute little "Love This" badge is from Kai Lun over at Pieced Paper.  To the right of her blog, she has a link for shopping.  Great stuff to add to Project Life.  And the badges are the perfect size, not too big and not too small.  I just added some Beacon glue to the back to glue down.  Thank again, Kai Lun for my goodies!
I have a couple of things that should have been added to this week, but my mindset for doing this is casual and non-stressful, and to me that means being flexible.  So I've saved the photos to print and the extra journaling.  
When I'm ready, I can print them off, and then start a new page for the next week.  As long as I date things, I don't feel a pressure to get everything to fit within the pages.

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