Sunday, February 19, 2012

Project Life Weeks 6 and 7

Since I work on this throughout the week instead of at one time, I kept going, so here are both week 6 and 7,  Feb 4-18.
And the first two entries are leftover from the previous week, but I'm not making sure that each week fits within a page of's life, so just letting it flow...

Emma had gotten two more time outs at school.  Talked to her about it, and she said she likes the quiet time ;)  She really wasn't doing anything bad, and she understood when the teachers talked to her...but all last week, no time hopefully that's over...for now.
 Again, I dig into my stash.  An owl from some old Hambly, the letter stickers and journaling cards.

This week was a stressful for me.  I'm in menopause, early, yes.  I'm only 44.  Have been in menopause for about 3 years.  Well, I started bleeding a my mind was obsessed with not will, but when will I have to possibly go through another big surgery.  I was thinking the worst, and thinking that the doc may say it's time for the hysterectomy.  

She didn't, but I go back in about a week and a half for a biopsy, which isn't invasive, well...depends on how you think of it...let's just say, I can tolerate pain, but this procedure, I'm not looking forward to again.  She thinks all is fine, just checking.
 While there, she mentioned my blood pressure, which was 140 over something...can't remember.  But I never have high blood pressure, I'm usually low or normal.  Instead of her looking into just that one time and why or even doing it again, she said we may consider medicine.  So I was my own advocate, and realized the migraine medicine I take causes high blood pressure.  And I had been taking more.  So tried to lay off as long as I could, but all day Saturday, I was bed ridden.  I don't miss these days.  I had to take a half later that evening, and finally felt relief, although very loopy and exhausted from the day-long pain.

I barely made it to the parade that day, I was determined to go, but the rest of the day was a waste.  No to do's on my list were done.

Another thing that happened at the doctor's office, is I finally got my nerve up to ask her if there was anything else I could take to help with trying to lose weight.  I have done it before and have kept it off, so I know I can do it.  But these past 7 years, I just can't do it.  She said there is no way that I could do it because of the insulin resistance.  The Byetta I had taken worked great, but I couldn't function and had to stop once we got Emma, so the weight came back.  She said she would have never recommended that Rx and prescribed Glucophage, first the generic.  Immediately, I felt like I could eat a normal meal and feel satisfied.  So I've been on it a week and feel great.  And I've also been using my sister's blood pressure machine, and I've been normal.

Very full week...first time I had more than one scrapbook layout requested by Scrapbook Trends and they came in at different times, so had to send in two packages.  I'm always amazed at what layouts they pick and wonder their method for picking them.

Emma had her Valentine party at school...I think it was just as exciting as Christmas if not more for her.  And then I was very surprised when I got the email from Cassie asking me to join the Paper Issues' Team.  Feel very thankful and blessed.  I think it is a perfect match for me.  I would highly recommend trying out in six months for the next call.

And, of course, little love notes dotted throughout from favorite...she's been writing Momma lately...and it surprises me everytime!  And the quote is from the one dark chocolate dove heart I had.
 I finished this page of events from yesterday, Saturday, the 18th.  I scanned a picture of my sisters and I with my Mom.  Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of her passing.  That was the best day ever...we had a blast.  We took off from work and spent the day with Mom in the mall and we were all big of my favorite memories of my Mom...
So I will start the rest of the week on those next two slots...and I do use the backside of the I may just add photos and other things right on top.  I do it if the backside works and figure it saves on paper.

Whew...two weeks catching up...thanks for reading and soon I'll have some goodies to give away...

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  1. Patricia I absolutely LOVE the way you are doing your project life spreads!!! There is so much to look at - I feel like I could look all day and still keep seeing things! What size do you print those little photos?

    Sorry to hear of your medical issues. I wish a happy healthy week for you!!!


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