Sunday, February 26, 2012

These Girls are Growing Up

Merrin, and her Mom and Dad, stopped by yesterday.  So glad they could.  Emma and Merrin had a blast together.  I think they went through an entire box of bandaids together, needed their privacy in Emma's room (oh boy, that phase), and very proud of Emma for letting Merrin ride and even drive her Jeep!
 Merrin all sweet looking, while Emma looks like she could drive over you ;)
 So for those that may not know.  Emma and Merrin spent their first year together in the same orphanage in China.  Merrin's Mom, Wendy, and I met through the Internet and shared each other's excitement of getting our referrals after a long 3 and a half year wait for our daughters.  
 We didn't know it at the time, but we realized later that we lived only about 45 mins away from each other!  
 So we traveled to China, not together and not with the same agencies, but we were there together...and now we see each other as often as possible...
 Emma and Merrin had a lot of fun playing tag...'re it...
 Just wish we could keep up with them ;)
 I wish these girls could spend even more time together, but so glad that we do see each other as often as we can...
I totally forgot about this site...until I saw Martha's post of her beautiful little girl...and I have to say the iPhone pics are great for getting the memories, but it feels good to have the DSLR and snapping, no comparison...

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  1. Oh my goodness they are just beautiful! I especially LOVE the running photos! your girls are gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous pictures of gorgeous girls! You are so lucky to live so close to each other, what a gift that they get to see each other so often!!

  3. LOVE all the photos they are awesome!!! We had so much fun as always thanks so much for having us over!!

  4. Very beautiful photos of your girl with her friend. <3


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