Monday, March 26, 2012

Backgrounds to Die For Class at Miss Art's Papercrafting

I was so overwhelmed when I started to learn about scrapbooking.  So many products, choices, varieties.  I remember the lady at the local scrapbook store (closed now) telling me that I could pick the color die I wanted.  What?  A Die?  First of all, I had no idea what she meant.  Second, how would I know what I wanted when I don't even know where to start.  I learned to scrap through the was convenient and I wanted to learn as much as I could, so I took as many classes as I could to figure this whole scrapbooking thing out.

I wish there had been a Miss Art's Papercrafting back when I started.  With Miss Art's Papercrafting, you don't get an email outlining what to do or how a project was created.  You watch from start to finish a project being made.  I fell in love with the whole concept behind Miss Art's Papercrafting.  I'm a visual learner, I like quick self-paced classes, and I like being able to have my questions answered.  And one other thing, there is something for everyone at all levels.  For only $10 for one month, you can take up to three different classes.  

I'm excited to be teaching my first 101 class at Miss Art's Papercrafting.  There are six videos total, ranging from 3 to 7 mins long.  I'll walk you through my process for creating three layouts using die cuts for backgrounds...from choosing colors, patterns, and creating the design.  I'll share with you those design tips that I learned and use on almost every single layout. 
Starting April 1st - Backrounds to Die For - 
Remember when you were a child, and there was one item that all your friends had, but you could only dream of owning? There was a feeling of urgency, the assurance that if you did not obtain said item you would just die.As papercrafters, we often get caught up in that same feeling. A new paper, a pack of flowers, or a funky alphabet can inspire longing in our souls and a pinch in our bank accounts. In “Backgrounds to Die For,” Patricia Roebuck introduces you to a new must-have item: Die cut backgrounds. Using one of the most versatile tools in your stash, Patricia takes you through a variety of ways to fashion your most amazing background designs to date. Your die cutter will become your magic wand, creating backgrounds out of cardstock that will be the envy of all your crafty friends. You won’t even have to beg your mom to buy them for you. Miss Art’s makes you the envy of your die cutting social circle on April 1, 2012.

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  1. Hey, I may join in...How do I?

  2. Oh wow! That's awesome! Congrats on your teaching stint....incidentally I attended the free classes this past weekend and really enjoyed the videos. :)

  3. A HAAA! Ok so here's the skinny on Networked Blogs- some people can't make comments unless they click through your blog post title. Just letting you know in case someone else asks (they won't- I'm the ONLY DUMB ONE) I've been SO FRUSTRATED trying to leave comments the last couple of weeks with all your wonderful news but I got it now- yay! :)
    This class sounds GREAT! I took the free Heidi Kelly course this weekend and loved it so I may join up as well. For me it's a matter of time but I've loved the Miss Art's concept from the start so I will have to make room in my schedule- thanks for reminding me!!!
    Congrats on all these happy scrappy events Patricia you fully deserve all the love. :)

  4. Looks completely awesome! I may have to sign up, your sneaks are beautiful!

  5. Wow Patricia - your class sounds wonderful! Love the video too - great description! Congrats on another new venture!!!

  6. Beautiful sneaks, Patricia, and I know you'll be a wonderful teacher. Congrats on the teaching stint and all your kudos of late. You shine!

  7. whooooohooo!!! loving what i see so far. will be telling new scrapper friends about this!! Congrats Patricia!

  8. this is so cool! : .)


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