Friday, March 02, 2012

Erin Go Bragh

I love all things Irish...and Celtic.  This is going to make me want to go to a Celtic fest ;)

I haven't really gotten "crafty" in awhile.  I wanted something to represent St. Patrick's Day, but not just the day, Ireland.  So, of course, the clovers are green, but I picked orange ribbon.  The colors of the Irish flag.  
 I used lots of wire.  Floral wire, thin enough to twist and turn, but strong enough to hold flowers and brads too.  I love the use of wire for projects.  Here's an example from an old post of a Christmas tree I did and that's the same feel I was going for here. 
 To make the clovers stay where they should, I twist below and above them (I'll show you more about this).
 I did the same with the butterfly, although he didn't have a hole.  Didn't want a big hole, so used a piercer, then did the same technique of looping wire below and above.
 Then what's fun, is sticking the other end of the wires into the styrofoam, bending the wires with the clovers, flowers, and butterfly to make them look carefree...and very springy (literally ;)
 This picture below, is a good one to see the loops below and above the clovers.
And here's how it came together.  I used styrofoam balls from Michael's.
 I have an inexpensive jewelry tool kit, I use all the time.  And there's a picture of the floral wire, very thin.  Looks like gauge 26.
 And here's a picture of the bucket (I thought I was going to use, but changed my mind).  And a blurry pic (sorry, using iPhone), of twisting the wire around the needle nose pliers.  This is the loop to make for the bottom.  The messier looking the better.  This is not a project you can mess up.   You're not making jewelry, so think whimsical.
 I cut clovers in two different sizes using the Cameo using this perfect green pattern paper from Crate Paper Random collection.  There's white and kind of a fuschia color on the back...which couldn't be better.  My sister, Lisa, introduced me to some great Irish music and this band called Fuchsia.  I really need to go to a Celtic festival now.  
 Slip a clover on, and twist and make a loop at the top.
 Here's that bucket (nope, was not working).  
 I got the ribbon at Michael's.
 Since the bucket wasn't working, I decided to use the jumbo size Maya Road bottle cap.  The ball styrofoam fit, so I carefully used a very sharp serrated knife and cut a 1/4th of the ball part off.  I used Beacon glue to glue it down to the bottom of the bottle cap.  Then I needed to figure out how to cover the styrofoam, so I snipped the ribbon ends into V's, not perfect, but gave me the look I wanted...
 Used the same floral wire, folded the wire over the rolled piece of ribbon.
 Then lots of twisting and more clipping.  Then just pushed these all over the top of the styrofoam until it was covered.
I did think about painting the bottle cap, but once I started using some of my older brad stash (pearls: Making Memories; all others by Basic Grey), I liked the way the metal around the brads, and the container matched.  The butterfly paper is by American Crafts Daydreamer.

Oh, and last, but certainly not least...I have a winner today for my little giveaway on Monday:
iPhone, blurry pic...sorry

BUSYGIRL - we had fun drawing names the old-fashioned way.  Email me with our address, and I'll send your goodies to you.
And yes, the fingernail polish that Emma and I have on is white crackle by Sally Hansen ;)

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  1. How pretty!
    I am right there with you.
    I am actually working on an album right now for my mother-in-law of her trip to Ireland fifty years ago.
    It is so much fun!

  2. this is so pretty Patricia!!

  3. that is so stinkin' cute!!! love it!

  4. & the nail polish...tres chic!

  5. what a great little project!

  6. I love this! Now I'm inspired to try this!

  7. Your so crafty....I love it!

  8. Very cool! And cute. And inspiring!

    Love all your pictures, too!


  9. Congrats to your winner - I love drawing names the old fashioned way, too!!! And I absolutely ADORE your Irish project and the nail polish!!!!!!! Cool!!!!!

  10. Just wanted to leave you a little comment, I saw this the other day on your blog and I absolutely loved it! I especially love how you used the ribbon to fill in, this is so cute!

  11. Patricia, That is so cute! What a great job ! I love it!

  12. Tonia2:22 PM

    That unknown is me...Tonia


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