Sunday, March 25, 2012

Project Life Weeks 10, 11, and 12

Had so much going on, I just kept going with Project Life...that is working best for's ongoing...rather than weekly...I've caught up today, so stopped to take some pics.

The majority of this week was getting ready for Scrapfest...picking out photos, printing them...what supplies to bring or not to jotted all of that down on one 4x6, printed it and the rest are pics from the event.
 More Scrapfest fun...and then the day after...huge Scrapfest Hangover...and no sleeping in ;)  Chickadee was thrilled to have me stay home and all us be together as a "family" as she said.
 The best way to fight lack of sleep and knowing you can't get anymore sleep with a little one...get out of the that Monday, it was just me and her all day and we ran errands.  Most of the week was just me and here with late nights until Dennis got home...I was wiped out.  But we made it to the St. Patrick's Parade on Saturday.

Had tons of good emails and mail this week too...
 Cannot wait for the pool to get heated so we can dive in...almost there...Dennis got it covered but not before chickadee had to get in while in the raft.  And I had to get pics of her in the bath...I already love looking back at her bath photos seeing her grow.
 Finally could share the good news about Kristen asking me to join Lily Bee's Design Team...thankful for old and new friends' support and excitement.  Lots of rain this week, more goodies for an upcoming theme for Paper Issues.  And Emma picked out this dress at Target.  She wanted to wear it when she got home from school...I asked her if I could take photos...she was willing, but still had to chase her around and bribe her with a Reese's.

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  1. will you bribe me with reeses and take my picture in a cute dress?! LOL! Love those pixs of Em the BEST!

    great pages, P! happy Sunday!

    : .)

  2. Super cool pages again Patricia! I love how full and detailed they are!!! And I feel honored to see a quote by me! So happy for you!

  3. so many amazing details! you take wonderful photos!!!

  4. Very impressed with your project life pages! Won't they be wonderful to have and look back through?

  5. Greta project life post- LOVE the bath photos! I feel the same way- I'm looking through my old pictures and already "miss my baby"- hello she's TWO! :)
    I think the only thing cooler than getting into a design team is being ASKED to join one! That is SO COOL!!! Hugs to you!

  6. Anonymous5:12 PM

    i ADORE your pages, as you know, and these are just delightful. so so so so so much to look at! thank you for sharing


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