Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scrapfest and a Giveaway

I haven't been to Scrapfest for about a year and a half.  I was in much need of getting away from routine and a just a little "me" time.

For those that have an embossing machine, take a look at the top left photo.  That's Ms. Sassy Tonia sporting her soda can flower.  She cut the can open, die cut it and embossed it (she has a Vagabond), then she mounted it onto sticky back foam.  Glued a clip onto it, so each day she had a new flower.  

Tonia creates anything and everything.  I use an empty box to mist in...nope, Tonia had to make one...she really could sell her stuff.

Chickadee came to visit me, was very excited...I think it took her back a little that she wasn't old enough to stay, but she at least was so excited to come "shcrap" a little with me.  She also had to get the scrappy cup like Momma had.  She fit right into the scrappy crowd with that dress and crown.
I brought gold fishes and carrots to snack on...Tonia brings homemade cookies and trash (chex mix)...which do you think I ate?  I would rewarded myself with a few of those awesome cookies of hers after I completed a page...which, by the way, seemed to take me forever to complete.

Stacy, discovered an old picture of the three of us from 2010, and scrapped it...all about those banners, can't get enough!

And some shots of miss chickadee scrapping to her hearts content...
 There is something about the fluorescent lights, plus scrapping all day, plus...just being goofy...or all of that makes you goofy.  I don't know.  I need to bring my Ott light next time.  Stacy setup her iPhone with the Incredibooth app...this was our last day...and we were feeling pretty loopy.  I haven't laughed and had so much fun in a very long time...
 I actually had an idea...let's get out for lunch!  We couldn't take another overpriced salad or sandwich...bring on the chips and salsa!
 Stacy showing some mustache love on her latest creation...and rosettes too...another can't get enough of for us girls!
 And Tonia cranked out old school fav is the one with the cool to have a class photo like that!
Okay...last but not least...if you've read this far, then please leave me a comment, be a follower on my blog, and Emma and I will pick a winner.  I'll get these brand new Prima clocks and flowers out to you!
I'll do the drawing on Monday, the 19th.

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