Friday, July 06, 2012

Project Life, Weeks 22-26

Had good intentions of having these go up this week...but our cabin in the Smokey's had no wifi or Internet back in the real world now...

Project Life keeps going...week of Memorial day and then celebrating my birthday...
Some closeups...Dennis watched Emma while I went to go see Dark Shadows...loved!
Celebrating my sister, Lisa, brought me the yellow roses.  Doing lots of activities with Emma...went to the insectarium and had some fun...especially looking at the butterflies...just glad the others are behind glass ;)  I don't like bugs at all.  Visited with my niece and her husband while they came in town.  Down there on the right, I had gotten an email to be on another design team...can't wait to share the news!  I'm still shocked!
A very talented scrapbooker, who has always inspired me...and is now a Chinese adoptive family as well, is making some adorable vintage clothes.  We ordered twice from her!  Emma starting her new ballet class, and she loved it!  So proud.  Sending layouts to Scrapbook Trends, and a layout and a mini to Creating excited!
A close up...
Father's sweet!  Dennis' friend, Dean came in town, and Emma started summer school...just two weeks of it.
A closeup...
 Emma had her birthday celebration at school...she did proud of her...
 Dennis set up the trampoline she is getting for her birthday early...since we knew we had this trip this week, then her birthday celebration...
We had a good 4th, hope everyone else did.  We didn't do a whole lot while in the Smoky's...hopefully next year we can see a parade...would love to be able to really celebrate it...but I was excited when Authentique contacted me to feature my patriotic wreath on their blog!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!  My little chickadee will be turning 4...can't believe!

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  1. You have a cabin in the Smokeys??? WOW that is so COOL! We rented a cabin in the Smokeys once and it was sooooooo beautiful there!!! Anyhoo, once again I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Project Life spread!!! So many little details to look at! Congrats on your upcoming pubs!!!

  2. I just love all the detail you put into your PL! Congrats on your Authentique feature!!!!!

  3. Love everything, so much eye candy...and yay for LB&P making it into your project life :)

  4. So much gorgeousness in one blog post :) Have a great weekend Patricia!

  5. Patricia! Your 4th of July wreath is so gorgeous!!!!! I love it! And WOWZA! You are doing an amazing job with your project life! I can learn so much about you and your wonderful family! I know they will love it for years to come!!!!


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