Friday, October 26, 2012

Cards and Project Life

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I am not certain exactly when it happened, but I became a cardmaker.  Cards were never my favorite things to make.  I wanted to use my stash and new products on layouts, mini albums, or other projects, but not cards.  But I'm addicted now.

Here's a couple of cards I had up on the Lily Bee blog this week using their journaling index cards.  I have no super great word to say how much I really love these journaling cards.  They just make cards and layouts come together quickly.  I used them as a little pocket.
 I no longer worry about bulk or things going over the edge on cards.  If I mail them, they'll go in a bubble wrap envelope.  This one is a simple, clean design.
 And this one is a lot more frilly with more details.  But I still used the top of it to hold little tags tucked in that I cut with the Silhouette...the flower as well.
 And had another scrapper comment that the idea of using the journaling cards as a pocket would be a good idea for Christmas, tucking in hot chocolate packs, etc.  I like that idea.
And I'll be having lots of posts showing Project Life from the past several weeks.  I decided to add more cuts from the Silhouette, more washi, and more stamping.  
A few detail shots.  For us here, it finally is not as hot and you can enjoy being outside more, wish the summers here were like that.  I'm really trying to keep all the weeks down to just one page, unless there was a huge event, like a vacation or something.
 I had gone to my local scrapfest, but only used a couple of photos and still included the day to day from that week...but also Dennis' it's all there, just condensed.
 I am more selective of what photos to tell the story of the week...the "Emma's Chocolate" had to go in there from Pinkberry...Emma doesn't like the new Chocolate Hazelnut so the store set aside some regular chocolate for her and even put her name on it!
Hope everyone has a great weekend, and cooler weather!

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  1. I'm so glad you've embraced cardmaking because you make great ones. Love these!

  2. these are just beautiful cards! Your PL pages always make me want to switch from digital- how i love that you're adding more diecuts/stamps- looks amazing & so fun!!

  3. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Those cards are GORGEOUS!!!!

  4. Your cards are fantastic! They definitely have your style! I love the idea of mailing them in a bubble envelope - that is a great idea!

  5. LOVE everything--FANTASTIC!

  6. totally gorgeous! such awesome dimension!


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