Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Boo! Halloween Mini Album

I finished the Halloween album and took photos right before everything happened with Emma...whew, what a weekend it was. 

I never was a huge Halloween fan, I don't like super scary stuff, but I loved the vintage and cute look of this first ever Halloween collection from October Afternoon.  I will admit that I bought the entire collection, with only a few things I didn't, but just about ALL of it.

 I love that eerie looking music paper...added some extra color to it with watered down gelatos.  I looped the ribbon through and then through again to bring it back to the front to tie it in a bow.
 Tied some twine and added some of the banner chipboards to the front.
 I used more watered down gelatos to the "Boo!" then added the stickles around it.
I did not want the inside pages to be too much...wanted them to also be quick to put together.  So the first thing I did was spray mist on a non-stick mat, then sprayed with water to water down...sprayed my pages with water as well, and one at a time dragged through the watered down mist.  Splattered some mist on top in black...then added the same stitching around each page.  Now each page was prepped and ready to go.
I printed all the photos that told the story.  What were our decorations, both inside and outside. 
 We bought our tickets to the Monster Mash for the first time, and my tradition of buying an Old Navy shirt.
 Just a few Pumpkin Patch photos of Emma.
 And then including a photo of all of us at the Pumpkin Patch.  For the nicer photos, like this taken with the DSLR, I printed them to about 4x6 to spread across the two pages.
 More Fall/Hallween activites...carving the pumpkin, going to Monster Mash.
 Boo Fest, Emma's Fall/Halloween Party at Pre-School and her goodies I put together...I also included an extra of the bats that went with the goodies...and then there's an Instagrammed photo of her putting them in friends' cubbies.
 A few more photos telling the story and highlighting her school party.  Then starts trick or treating.  There are certain neighbors that I just had to include in here...and Ralph's House was one of them ;)
 I always like to get a photo of all us together for Halloween.  I use my remote and tripod to take family photos of us.  The lighting was still not too good (too much sun on me and my sister's faces), but Emma was losing patience.  It is sweet though her expression.
 And my most favorite photo from Halloween and favorite page...I will be doing a layout with this photo...
Such a fun and quick album to put together.  I like that it has photos highlighting the entire month of October, focused on Fall/Halloween.

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  1. I love it! Yall look so happy! Great job with all the colors!

  2. amazing album, you HAVE to upload to our OA FLICKR my friend♥

  3. What a wonderful mini!

  4. oooh an october daily mini... or mini daily. either way, LOVE!!! fun fun pixs and textures!!!

  5. so amazing!! LOVE LOVE every page & pic!


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