Monday, November 12, 2012

Project Life, Weeks 42, 43, and 44

It was a really good feeling to pull out just the Clemetine Project Life Core kit, some washi, a few labels I printed and cut with Cameo, some stamping, but mostly just my pen and photos.  I know for next year, the main addition to my current core kit, will be more 4x6s.

Trying out another Pioneer Woman recipe...Beef Stew with grits, feeling like fall (sometimes), and Emma's 4-year visit to the doctor, was a nightmare.  I took Emma to the Dollar Tree for retail therapy, and we went to Pinkberry where I had chocolate therapy.  She had all 6 shots.  Please don't do that if you don't have to.    Then Saturday was Monster Mash.
Tried another Pioneer Woman recipe for this week...chicken enchiladas, got some scrap supplies re-organized, always lots of creating going on between me and Emma.  And then the day of, we decided to do Boo Fest again, but this year we went very early...only way to enjoy this free event at the hospital.
 Week 44 - most of my weeks, I've been keeping to 1 spread because it really is ordinary life and it fits just fine.  But this week had a lot going on, so did the traditional 2-page spread.
We had a full week...Emma about killed me on the trampoline, ballet opened the window so we could see her class, got some creating done, trying to walk as much as I can (my foot has really been bothering me though), and got ready for Halloween.  Made another Pioneer Woman recipe...pulled pork and slaw, went to Emma's school party, then it was Halloween...whew.
 So happy to finally have a Panera Bread.  More time outside, pics of our typical mornings...then our ordinary turned to panicking with Emma's episode of her fast heart beat, looking pale, not able to stay awake, and throwing up.  So I wanted that all in here.  And I hand wrote.  I don't like my handwriting, but I use it all the time.
Those photos I took of Emma in the ER, were the only thing keeping me from losing it...that and Aunt Lisa showing up, as well as all the thoughts and prayers from friends and family on Instagram and Facebook.  Emma has been fine.  Thank you all again, means so much to us to have people praying and caring.  We go to the peds cardiologist on the 21st, but she hasn't had any problems since.

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  1. It was good to read an update on the glamorous Miss Emma! I'm really glad that she's still doing well.

    Your project life ROCKS! I love how you've used the tiny photos. You're really doing a fantastic job documenting everything.

    P.S. I keep planning to head to that Panera Bread place. How was it?

  2. I'm glad Emma is okay! Love your project life - you take such expressive photos!

  3. so glad she is doing ok! love your PL as usual :)

  4. These look great! I love the Clementine kit and you make it look extra awesome!

  5. your project life is just so dern amazing, you make me want to and i know i never could, but you're pulling my heart strings. was happy to read an update on Emma, what an extremely scary thing, lots and lots of prayers for her trip to pediatric cardiologist!

  6. glad to hear Emma's still doing well. i so love your PL- so many great shots!


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