Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Project Life, Weeks 45 and 46

Whenever I look back on my pages in Project Life, it seems like these events were so long ago sometimes...so glad they are documented.

Week 45 - Emma was still not quite herself.  She was back to normal by Sunday evening.  Went to the doctor on Monday, and she has been fine since.
Left Side - Her artwork there in the second row is a huge piece on her easel, included it by taking an Instagram photo of it.  Love how we all went to vote together...so glad I got that picture.
Right Side - It was just me and Emma over this weekend, so lots of time together outside, visited Aunt Lisa at work, did some shopping, which was a little stressful as she has wantitis ;) We had so much fun though except for the little tantrum.
Week 46 - Last week of school before Thanksgiving holiday.
Left Side - Included the photos I had taken from this post.  On that first card, I used this template.  They are free and come in handy.
Right Side - The Thanksgiving program at school, then a few more pictures from the week that I wanted to include.
I did a couple of different things with the Project Life Core kit for Week 46...I do it all the time when I scrapbook layouts or cards...I cut apart some of the cards, and used parts of them for borders around the photos.  You can see it more on the the last two photos on the left side spread.
Can't believe my first Project Life will soon be completed!

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