Wednesday, December 05, 2012

American Crafts Gift Tags and Holiday Fun

We exchange simple gifts within the family for Christmas.  I usually bake cookies to give, so I knew I wanted some pretty gift tags.  I used the Kringle and Co collection from American Crafts.  I wanted them simple, and I wanted something to dangle at the top.
So I cut another smaller tag, with the "to and from" and the holly leaves and tied on at the top...they are not glued on so they can swing...added the ribbon at the bottom (attached with Tiny Attacher), just have to add names and attach to the baked goodies.
I've been taking lots and lots of pictures getting ready for December Daily.  I also love photography.  Last year, I pretty much studied photography and photoshop is something you still have to practice, and I can tell I haven't had my DSLR in my hands as much as my iPhone.  

One of our favorite things to do and becoming a tradition is going to the "big" mall, as we call it, to ride the train, see Santa, but no buying (very difficult for a 4 year old).  I like to bring my DSLR to take's what I took.

 We completely lost count how many times she rode the train...

 We did say "yes" to the balloon ;)
And, of course, Santa...not taken by adorable she looks!!!
Then we decided to go to Celebration in the Oaks to see the lights.  We get Emma to bed early since she is not a napper, but it was Friday and we lived a little :) she did great.

The Star and Christmas tree lights are moving to the music, which is what chickadee is doing here...LOVE her expression!
The botanical garden section was favorite.
Had to get a picture of this...WHO DAT!
It was really nice and the weather was just a little chilly and made it a perfect night.
The picture does not do this justice.
no words...says it all...
And we all got in the photo this time with Santa and Mrs. by the park.
That's a lot of photos (there's more!) and lots of memories in one day!  So I'm working favorite photos into some of the days for December Daily even if it didn't happen on that day.  I am liking DD more just by doing it this way rather than a photo a day.

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  1. You have some really, really great shots!
    And I love the photo of the whole family with Santa!

    I wish our mall had a train like that. Evan would still probably want to ride it even though he is ten :)

  2. Your big mall and botanical garden adventures look like so much fun!!!


    great shots P, and love, love, love your merry xmas bokeh! this year I can try the REAL thing, yay!!!

  4. I love everything I see on this post...

    Mr and Miss Santa !!!! So great !

    Your little princess looks like an angel ! I love her happy face.

  5. Wow, you have already done a lot of Christmas activities--looks like so much fun!

    Great idea for the gift tags--they look like they are easy to produce in quantity.

  6. Adorable Santa photo! Such great photography- loving all those photos! Cute tags too!

  7. what GREAT tags--LOVE the pictures, made me feel like I was right there with you! ;)

  8. Wow, awesome photos Patricia!!!


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