Monday, February 27, 2012

Scrapping the Music, Challenge 192 "Every Time We Touch," and a Giveaway

This week's song at Scrapping the Music is Every Time We Touch" by Cascada.  It is also from the movie "Final Destiny."

Not every song is going to really inspire me and make me want to create something based on what the song means.  Whether it's a great song or not...sometimes just nothing comes to me.  But what I love about using songs as inspiration is I can still use some of the lyrics as a jumping start for a layout.  For instance, when I heard the lyrics "Your heart is My Sky" from this week's song, I thought, I could never have thought of beautiful words to express how big someone's heart is.  Just loved it.

So I used pictures from my daughter's Valentine's school party.  I was so happy I could share this moment with her.  She was giddy with excitement as we went around giving out her Valentine's to her friends.  And she was giddy when she got her goody bags loaded full of Valentine's from her friends.  One time, she looked around for me, and gave me the biggest smile...she just lit up the whole room. 

Her heart really is my sky...she's the sweetest little thing ever...
I can't thank all my new scrap friends enough for encouraging me and sharing your lives and scrap work with me.  I know there are so many blogs out there, but to have a little circle of friends is wonderful.  I want to offer a giveaway for one of my blog friends.  Please be sure to leave a comment on this post and be a follower of my blog.  I'll pick a winner on Friday, so remember to check back.
 I love these Jenni Bowlin stamps, but I don't need two sets.  Great for stamping to use as a journaling spot.  I've even stamped, embossed, cut out and used it to layer on top of.  My Mind's Eye buttons and banners, Maya Road fabric flowers, and Smash labels (which are great for Project Life).    

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Jenns-doodles was so sweet to nominate my blog as the Liebster Blog.  It was back in January...but just getting this post up, I have a hard time just keeping up with Emma ;)  Wanted to acknowledge Jen and thank her for the nomination!
Liebster means favourite or beloved in German.  I'm going to break the rules.  I can't pick just 5 to pass this award onto...I'm thankful for blogging, scrapping you all... 

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These Girls are Growing Up

Merrin, and her Mom and Dad, stopped by yesterday.  So glad they could.  Emma and Merrin had a blast together.  I think they went through an entire box of bandaids together, needed their privacy in Emma's room (oh boy, that phase), and very proud of Emma for letting Merrin ride and even drive her Jeep!
 Merrin all sweet looking, while Emma looks like she could drive over you ;)
 So for those that may not know.  Emma and Merrin spent their first year together in the same orphanage in China.  Merrin's Mom, Wendy, and I met through the Internet and shared each other's excitement of getting our referrals after a long 3 and a half year wait for our daughters.  
 We didn't know it at the time, but we realized later that we lived only about 45 mins away from each other!  
 So we traveled to China, not together and not with the same agencies, but we were there together...and now we see each other as often as possible...
 Emma and Merrin had a lot of fun playing tag...'re it...
 Just wish we could keep up with them ;)
 I wish these girls could spend even more time together, but so glad that we do see each other as often as we can...
I totally forgot about this site...until I saw Martha's post of her beautiful little girl...and I have to say the iPhone pics are great for getting the memories, but it feels good to have the DSLR and snapping, no comparison...

Sunday Snapshot

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Friday, February 24, 2012


Have some birthdays coming up soon ;)  So time to make some cards.

 I ink resisted the Hambly paper on the backround with Jenni Bowlin blue ink, and just layered Lily Bee and October Afternoon papers with some October Afternoon stickers and Studio Calico butterflies.  

I wanted to play with more washi tape, so I cut a few pieces of tape and pattern paper into banner shapes and embellished down the middle.  Used American Crafts and MT Washi Tapes; Pattern Paper:  October Afternoon, Pink Paislee; Stickers:  October Afternoon; Chipboard:  Crate Paper and Studio Calico; Button:  Crate paper; the pearl was just more notions we saved from my Mom's stash.
 Layered different washi tapes (American Crafts, MT, and Dymo), then layered the doily cut with the Silhouette and the die cuts from October Afternoon on top.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mardi Gras, Zoo, and Dean and Kathy's Present

We didn't know if Emma would go to the Mardi Gras day parades or not.  She is still a little scared of how loud it can be.  We found a perfect spot on the porch of a business where she could get far away from it, but still see it.  

I loved the band...she didn't ("too loud" she said).
 Still a little unsure...
 Then she wanted down and really got into it...we caught a lot...and didn't even stay for it to come back around.

Not only was the spot perfect, but we ended up right where two of her friends from school were.  And the Mom works at this business.  Hello?  Bathroom and food (Emma ate, we waited to go to lunch after).  They were really so nice.  We still felt like we were taking advantage, but Emma had so much fun playing.
Emma's been off the whole week because of Mardi Gras.  So we've kept busy.  We decided to go to the zoo before it gets too hot, especially since we've had no winter here.
 I think what's great about the zoo, is how they have it set up.  Like the animal love to climb on them, and this is on top of Monkey Hill (highest manmade spot in New Orleans).  They even have a rope bridge with a spider web looking thing at the end...she wore us out.  I had to sit out on the last 4 or 5 times going up and down and let Dada do it.
 It wasn't too hot, but it was really humid, so you sweat.  But the animals and the gators were loving it.  Emma thought they were fake ;)  Ha! and the statues...we spent about 10 minutes getting on and off...
 Carousel - top of the list for chickadee.  Did this about 6 times!
And when we got home from the zoo, Emma had a package from Dean and Kathy waiting for her...
 Stuff kept coming out of the box!  Kathy, you are amazing how you shop for things like these.  You and Dean are so sweet to think of Emma like this.  You're like the grandparents she never had (except for Dennis' step dad).
 You made this little chickadee very happy...
 "How do I look?"

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More Playtime with Washi Tape

Playing with my limited supply of Washi tapes and/or Washi like tapes, thanks to my chickadee.  Used American Crafts (Nightfall and Amy Tangerine), MT by Cute Tape, and Martha Stewart (from her Christmas tapes).  I pulled only light soft colors for the banner.  Such an easy thing to do, but looks so cute.  Just wrap a piece of tape around the twine, stick together, and cut in a banner shape.  I also used two October Afternoon flyers from their Sidewalks line, because they really went perfectly with the colors and I wanted a little bit more variety. 

The teeny tiny grey butterflies are also with the MT grey diagonal Washi tape.  I punched those out with a Martha Stewart punch.
 Used more October Afternoon Flyers and Flower sacks to embellish, some chipboard from Crate Paper, Basic Grey brads, Amy Tangerine hanger paperclip, Studio Calico stamp.  I masked and misted a die cut pattern paper by Studio Calico onto the background first, then I poured some cream mist on top...kind of wanted a stained look, since the look was soft and vintage looking.
The little pearls on the butterfly were some sewing notions from my Mother's stash, thanks, Sis, for letting me raid the button stash.  Very fun layout to put together.  The yellow and cream stripe border was cut with the Silhouette. 

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Washi Flower and Layout

From now until March 3rd, you can link up your projects, layouts, cards, etc., to this month's theme at Paper Issues:  Tape it up.  Use washi, masking, Dymo, taper, packing, any kind of tape, any way.  Link up your projects and share, I would love to see what you create.  It can be something brand new or something old.

I decided to play a little with some Washi and/or Washi like tapes.  My stash has been used up quite a bit by my little chicadee...these are the ones that I'll monitor her use.  I used American Crafts (nightfall and Amy Tangerine), MT by Cute Tape.  I used a piece of pattern paper I had cut with the new Cameo (yes, I upgraded!), but it was my first time using it, so the paper was really curly and kind of ripped from the very sticky mat.  So I didn't use it as intended, but started covering it with pieces of tape.  Just wrapped it around randomly, straight, crooked.  It made the piece of pattern paper very easy to manipulate into a folded flower.
Grabbed a leftover circle and covered with red tape.
Pressed the folded flower around onto the sticky circle.
For the center pieces and any other areas that didn't stick enough to the red tape, I added glue dots.
Used the Crop-A-Dile to put a hole in the middle and attached a brad.  Used Beacon Fabri-Tac glue to apply it to the layout.
Since my layout was looking very bright (I was pulling colors from the gorgeous sunset)...I decided to emboss a camera stamp onto an old piece of Hambly transparency.  I just made sure not to hold the heat gun too close and warp the transparency.  I haven't done this technique in a very long time, and Vee reminded and inspired me of how cool this can be.
I cut it out and applied with Scotch ATG.
I had so much fun just playing...I added ripped pieces of tape to the center of the design and at the top as well.  And FYI, this piece of cardstock is the back...I had grabbed it when I needed something to mask stamp and mist...loved the look of it so used it for the background.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Scrapping the Music, Challenge 191 "That Man"

This week's challenge song at Scrapping the Music is by the Dutch, jazz singer, Caro Emerald.  Love her music and her style.  Check out the song here.  

I took the title of the song "that man" and added a list from there of some quirks tidbits about my husband.  I did some messy stamping there on the bottom says, year "21 and counting."    
Cardstock:  Bazzill Kraft and Vanilla; Pattern paper:  October Afternoon; Stickers:  October Afternoon, Crate Paper, American Crafts; Letters: Authentique; Buttons:  Crate Paper; Stamps:  Smash K&Co, ProvoCraft; Twine:  My Mind's Eye; Chipboard label:  Studio Calico; Tools:  Silhouette, Zutter corner rounder

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Project Life Weeks 6 and 7

Since I work on this throughout the week instead of at one time, I kept going, so here are both week 6 and 7,  Feb 4-18.
And the first two entries are leftover from the previous week, but I'm not making sure that each week fits within a page of's life, so just letting it flow...

Emma had gotten two more time outs at school.  Talked to her about it, and she said she likes the quiet time ;)  She really wasn't doing anything bad, and she understood when the teachers talked to her...but all last week, no time hopefully that's over...for now.
 Again, I dig into my stash.  An owl from some old Hambly, the letter stickers and journaling cards.

This week was a stressful for me.  I'm in menopause, early, yes.  I'm only 44.  Have been in menopause for about 3 years.  Well, I started bleeding a my mind was obsessed with not will, but when will I have to possibly go through another big surgery.  I was thinking the worst, and thinking that the doc may say it's time for the hysterectomy.  

She didn't, but I go back in about a week and a half for a biopsy, which isn't invasive, well...depends on how you think of it...let's just say, I can tolerate pain, but this procedure, I'm not looking forward to again.  She thinks all is fine, just checking.
 While there, she mentioned my blood pressure, which was 140 over something...can't remember.  But I never have high blood pressure, I'm usually low or normal.  Instead of her looking into just that one time and why or even doing it again, she said we may consider medicine.  So I was my own advocate, and realized the migraine medicine I take causes high blood pressure.  And I had been taking more.  So tried to lay off as long as I could, but all day Saturday, I was bed ridden.  I don't miss these days.  I had to take a half later that evening, and finally felt relief, although very loopy and exhausted from the day-long pain.

I barely made it to the parade that day, I was determined to go, but the rest of the day was a waste.  No to do's on my list were done.

Another thing that happened at the doctor's office, is I finally got my nerve up to ask her if there was anything else I could take to help with trying to lose weight.  I have done it before and have kept it off, so I know I can do it.  But these past 7 years, I just can't do it.  She said there is no way that I could do it because of the insulin resistance.  The Byetta I had taken worked great, but I couldn't function and had to stop once we got Emma, so the weight came back.  She said she would have never recommended that Rx and prescribed Glucophage, first the generic.  Immediately, I felt like I could eat a normal meal and feel satisfied.  So I've been on it a week and feel great.  And I've also been using my sister's blood pressure machine, and I've been normal.

Very full week...first time I had more than one scrapbook layout requested by Scrapbook Trends and they came in at different times, so had to send in two packages.  I'm always amazed at what layouts they pick and wonder their method for picking them.

Emma had her Valentine party at school...I think it was just as exciting as Christmas if not more for her.  And then I was very surprised when I got the email from Cassie asking me to join the Paper Issues' Team.  Feel very thankful and blessed.  I think it is a perfect match for me.  I would highly recommend trying out in six months for the next call.

And, of course, little love notes dotted throughout from favorite...she's been writing Momma lately...and it surprises me everytime!  And the quote is from the one dark chocolate dove heart I had.
 I finished this page of events from yesterday, Saturday, the 18th.  I scanned a picture of my sisters and I with my Mom.  Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of her passing.  That was the best day ever...we had a blast.  We took off from work and spent the day with Mom in the mall and we were all big of my favorite memories of my Mom...
So I will start the rest of the week on those next two slots...and I do use the backside of the I may just add photos and other things right on top.  I do it if the backside works and figure it saves on paper.

Whew...two weeks catching up...thanks for reading and soon I'll have some goodies to give away...

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Excited to Announce my New Issue

First, gotta thank my friend, Linda, for telling me about the design team call at Paper well as her encouragement and support to apply.

I'm now officially a part of this amazing team of chatty, paper, loving girls...

Paper Issues Blog Design

I saved the best part for last...

You, all of my blog readers and friends, benefit from this.  How?  You can shop at the Paper Issues' Etsy shop and get 20% every time, all the time.  This discount for you NEVER expires.  I was shocked as well, but just 48 hours of being a part of this team, I'm starting to see just how amazing these girls and Carrie are.

Carrie is ordering the new goodies from CHA Winter 2012, but she still has some new and amazing things in the shop.  

When you check out, use my special coupon...easy to remember:


Leave me a comment and share what you bought! :)

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I {Heart} Art Layout Details

Project Life coming soon, but I had a couple of my Scrapping the Music friends ask about my I {Heart} Art layout, so I thought I would share it here as well.  Still have time to play along this week...check it out here.

This was a really quick layout...rarely do I finish one within just an hour or so.  I usually work on it a little at a time.

  1. I squirted mist and poured a little water into a cup (see Amy Tan's video here) and splattered with blowing through a straw (Emma had to do it too, so cute).  
  2. That tag, was just playing around and slapping color here and there.  I sprayed mist onto a Ranger mat, sprayed some water on top, then smeared the tag in it.  Idea came from Dina Wakley's Jump Start Video that Nat hosted in January.  Then I just grabbed stamps (no thinking at all...just picked a stamp and color and stamped).  It didn't look good at all, but I kept going (again inspired by Nat's Jump Start).   I put the tag to the side on my desk.
  3. The little piece of transparency poking out from the right was from product, the wrapper...I had grabbed it to mask stamping with paint, by chance, I liked it so...I saved it.  
  4. I am a messy scrapper, so it was funny that everything was near me and I grabbed it, tried it, and if it worked it stayed!  
  5. The "my heart is trying..." I used these I have the capital letters favorites, I got mine at Michael's.  (TIP:  I knew I'd need 2 rows...and also started stamping backwards to make sure it lined up the way I wanted it)
  6. I have a container for mine that I got through but I didn't see them.  So found the exact one I have here.  
  7. And for the ink with favorite is the Distress Ink Weathered Wood...not too bold and perfect for a subtle look.
  8. So the layers were, the watered down mist, the tag (added messy twine and adhered with 3 brads), the plastic wrapper, half of a doily (cut with Silhouette SD), piece of October Afternoon paper, another piece of October Afternoon cut with Silhouette SD, Crate paper border sticker (stapled some things together and glued as well), stamped frame (old Bam Pop Stamp), and origami heart...oh just another piece of October Afternoon cut into a banner at the bottom.
My friend, Linda, asked what I was thinking when I made this.  I was thinking I want something different from what I normally make (I'm calling this my European look, as I see a lot of of this style from European scrappers), I didn't want perfection (I even made a boo boo in the journaling at the top), I didn't worry how the end result would be.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Scrapping the Music, Challenge 190 "Art"

I really have a good excuse for not blogging a lot this'll see in Project Life later...

This is such a fun song and the video is so inspiring.  It's called "Art" by Tanya Davis.  Check it out the challenge here at Scrapping the Music.

I gave myself permission to just play and not worry too much about the outcome of the layout...very different from what I would normally do, but I love the watered down mists sprays...check out Amy Tan's video on Studio Calico's blog to see how I did those.
And here's my layout...the heart inside the frame or on top is origami...which I need to do more's very relaxing too...will share the link for that later.

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Monday, February 06, 2012

Scrapping the Music Challenge #189

"Hey Soul Sister" by Train is up next this week at Scrapping the Music.  Love, love, love this song.  My friend, Linda, was the inspiration behind this layout in more ways than one.  She scrapped me for this song, then I scrapped her...  We fill up each other's inboxes all the time, we talk about everything from scrapping to everyday life, we vent, we celebrate, we share.  
I'm in Louisiana and she's in California.  I knew I wanted to represent that in some way, and I finally decided on masking the die cut I did with the Silhouette.

We are truly "soul sisters."

Come check out what the rest of the design team did, and play along.  Great song to scrap about real sisters, friends, or like a few of us did, we scrapped about our scrap friends!  Another prize is up for this month.  So every time you play, your name is entered for a chance.

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Project Life, Week 5

Project Life, Week 5 - this week went together faster than the others...hopefully it is a sign that I'm getting the hang of this.

Used an American Craft 6x12 protector to put some artwork Emma did at the Chinese New Year Celebration we went to...
 ...and the other side, I put the flyer from the church
 Had a lot of pictures, but picked favorites and/or ones that gave the feel for the fun that we had.
 And this page went quick.  In Photoshop Elements, I pulled up a 4x6 blank canvas/page and put the iPhone or camera photos onto it...made them small and kept in mind I wanted to add journaling.  Printed them, cut them out and put on the pattern paper.  The 3x4 pockets went quick too as I used this phone app again and took advantage of the storyboards it offers.  So I resized to fit the pockets and then added the journaling to another card next to each.  

That cute little "Love This" badge is from Kai Lun over at Pieced Paper.  To the right of her blog, she has a link for shopping.  Great stuff to add to Project Life.  And the badges are the perfect size, not too big and not too small.  I just added some Beacon glue to the back to glue down.  Thank again, Kai Lun for my goodies!
I have a couple of things that should have been added to this week, but my mindset for doing this is casual and non-stressful, and to me that means being flexible.  So I've saved the photos to print and the extra journaling.  
When I'm ready, I can print them off, and then start a new page for the next week.  As long as I date things, I don't feel a pressure to get everything to fit within the pages.

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